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Bizmonaco is managed by Monaco Opportunity Network which applies the highest privacy and security standards as required and used in the Principality of Monaco.

  • The collection of personal data complies with the Principality of Monaco’s CCIN‘s (Monaco’s Commission For The Protection Of Personal Data) standards.
  • Any material published on the platform shall remain each user’s property and competence. Bizmonaco may only use such information for promotional, marketing, development, research, security and law purposes, under the terms and conditions as provided by the regulating laws.
  • The posts inserted are available to the community, if shared outside the Platform (also by other users) may be subject to indexing by search engines and become publicly visible.

The services at disposal of Bizmonaco users are offered through the collaboration with local professionals. (Voluntarily sending information to the email address: team@bizmonaco.com I authorize the transfer of data to third parties for promotional and commercial purposes.)

Regulations on Collected Data – Information collected and its use
Direct – Information directly provided by users.

Obligatory Data

When subscribing and in order to use our services, the following is required: First name, name, email address.

Optional Data

Users may also communicate: nickname, place of birth, schools attended, diplomas, address and other data which may vary according to the type of user.

  • In case Bizmonaco has to verify a user’s real identity, a mobile phone number could be demanded, such number would only be visible by technical and administrative management.
    Should you wish to access to the payable services on Bizmonaco, additional data will be required to allow the Team to finalize the relevant contracts / agreements / invoices.
  • If problems linked to security occur, Bizmonaco retains the right to request, at any moment, additional forms of data, which will also only be visible by technical and administrative management.

Indirect – Indirectly provided data, also by third parties.

We collect:

  • Data that people publish directly or indirectly, by using our related services: entertainment, travel, passions, hobbies, clothing, fashion, music, films, literature, sport, spare time, engineering, electronics, work, studies and other data related to users tastes and habits.

We do not collect and do not process:

Biometric, genetic, financial, sexual orientation, social, political, ethical, racial, religious, philosophical, legal, penal, union data.

Collected Data Use


We use the information in our possession to protect Bizmonaco user’s security.

Improving our Service

We use the data that we have collected thanks to our users to adapt and improve the offered service, in order to constantly upgrade our product.

Promotions and marketing

We use the data collected to publish promotions and advertisements that are related to our services, including ads that suit our user’s interests the most.

Important Notice

Bizmonaco complies with the highest security standards, that are required by the Principality of Monaco’s CCIN (Monaco’s Commission For The Protection Of Personal Data).
By making a specific request to the following email address: privacy@bizmonaco.com, any user’s data in our possession may be deleted, at all times, within 3 months ,starting from the date at which the email was received (but only after the applicant has proved his/her identity). When a user is deleted from Bizmonaco’s user’s Register, within the preceding three months, all the data in our possession related to his/her private profile will be automatically deleted.
Bizmonaco agrees to provide to any person who submits a specific request to the following email address: privacy@bizmonaco.com (but only after the applicant has proved his/her identity), within 30 days, the eventual data within its possession related to the applicant.

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