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The bond between Monaco and the nautical world has distant origins that bring to mind the first regattas held in the Principality in 1862. Thanks to the success of these sports events, twelve resourceful Monegasques, supported by the sovereign Prince Charles III and his son Prince Albert, decided to found the Société des Régates in 1888.

From the roots of this ancient institution of the nautical world, the Yacht Club de Monaco was founded in 1953, thanks to Prince Rainier III’s desire to create a connection between Monte-Carlo and the increasing tourism of sea lovers. In 1984, Prince Rainier III appointed Prince Albert II as President of the YCM. His natural predisposition for sport brought a strong innovative impulse by implementing the training facilities for young sailors and organising events of the calibre of the “First Cup”, the largest one-design gathering in the Mediterranean of the “Munich-New York” and the “Formula 40 Grand Prix”.

The current headquarters, designed by the British architect Lord Norman Foster, recall in its sinuous and unmistakable shapes an immense ship. The elegant succession of its five decks and the majesty of the forestays supporting the tree, capture the attention of anyone passing by the prestigious and ancient Port Hercule.

Inside you can breathe a mixture of history and modernity, the rooms are the expression of a class that you can hardly find anywhere else, whether you enjoy a lunch in the refined restaurant or discuss business in a small room comforted by some coffee. Every detail is taken care of and the members of the prestigious club can enjoy every comfort and attention.

Living YCM represents exclusivity par excellence! This prestigious institution opens its doors to a very small number of referrals: in order to become a member, you need to be introduced by two members and you must put your request in writing and have it countersigned by the two current members. The examination of the applications is the responsibility of a special committee chaired by H.S.H. Prince Albert II and the introduction of new members of the club takes place at an exclusive cocktail party where all members of the club participate.

Every year, in addition to the events strictly related to boating, the large rooms of YCM host countless exclusive parties, some of which are strictly private and therefore reserved for very few selected guests who are guaranteed total privacy. In other circumstances, however, it is possible to enjoy the company of friends, perhaps sipping a glass of iced champagne, and have the opportunity to participate in person at a very exclusive live concert of the likes of Sir Elton John, Sting or Lionel Richie.

The YCM perfectly represents the expression of the thought of H.S.H. Prince Albert II and his belief that “reading the past is fundamental to build the future”, an environment where exclusivity, sport and glamour mark the days of the lucky members of the most renowned nautical club in the world. A place with a magical taste where one feels part of the more than two centuries of history characterised by some of the most exclusive sport and social events ever.

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Edit by Krissy Grey Pesciglioni-Cuni 

Editor & Founder Monaco Woman

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