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Twenty-one panoramas for a new guide, to restore value to Italy, enhance its ethos, beauty, uniqueness, excellence through photographic art. “Lamborghini with Italy, for Italy” is not just a collection of photographs published by Skira, but a real initiative of cultural and social importance with which Lamborghini, an Italian brand that needs no introduction, has decided to go beyond traditional logic to play a social role aimed at enhancing its country on the chessboard of the global challenge.

Twenty talents in the world of contemporary photography were called to take part in this project, many of them established, others emerging, each of them capable of putting their own spin on one of the twenty regions in images featuring the same number of Lamborghinis of yesterday and today. To these artists was added the prestigious name of Letizia Battaglia, entrusted to provide a special interpretation of her beloved Palermo.

The following responded to the appeal for photographers to be involved in the project: Letizia Battaglia for Palermo, Stefano Guindani for Sicily, Davide De Martis for Sardinia, Guido Taroni for Calabria, Gabriele Micalizzi for Puglia, Camilla Ferrari for Basilicata, Marco Casino for Campania, Roselena Ramistella for Molise.

Valentina Sommariva for Abruzzo, Anna di Prospero for Lazio, Wolfango Spaccarelli for Marche, Alessandro Cinque for Umbria, Gabriele Galimberti for Tuscany, Piero Gemelli for Emilia Romagna, Marco Valmarana for Veneto.

Mattia Balsamini for Friuli Venezia Giulia, Simone Bramante for Trentino Alto Adige, Vincenzo Grillo for Lombardy, Chiara Mirelli for Piedmont, Alberto Selvestrel for Liguria and Fulvio Bugani for Valle d’Aosta.

The result is a journey, a fresco of twenty-one visions that each in their own way enhances a unique heritage of identity, impregnated with art, history, natural and architectural beauty. But that is not all.

A volume that assigns its deepest value to the culture and art of photography, that of transforming society through the breakdown of previous expressive languages ​​and the ability to imagine and inspire the future.

Article edit by Claudia Chiari

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