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Since the birth of technology and especially the advent of the world wide web (www), the world has changed. Today it takes just a click to be reached by everything and everyone, without having to move from home, you can travel, explore the world and now also the universe, be informed in real-time. Everything is within everyone’s reach, just have an internet connection, a computer or a smartphone and the deal is done. By typing any address, you start to travel in the vast network that reaches the whole world.

Technology has allowed us to travel from one continent to another and see the beauty that surrounds us. We can discover new cultures, visit space, get to know the planets and galaxies and who knows how many more things it will allow us to do in the future.

In the past, when technology did not exist, everything was limited to one’s realities of life, everything was limited to the imagination so that often many truths were not even conceived by human thought. The information itself was communicated only and exclusively on the printed paper that was limited to tell the facts of their communities; many people used these limitations to make obscurantism and leave the population in ignorance and fear, to subjugate the people at will. In the Middle Ages it was thought that the earth was flat because everything was limited and, since there was no means to refute this idea, those who believed otherwise were considered heretical and put to the “Rogo”.

Since the technological evolution, everything has changed, and above of communication; books, magazines, web pages, real-time news, with all this one is aware of the facts that happen all over the world, something unthinkable and inconceivable until the last century. Here is the magic of information that no longer has limits neither of time nor space and above all of the language because everything is inserted in this invisible system that connects the world in a single click. Thanks to technology, today information has at its disposal technological means such as satellites, drones, smartphones, PCs, etc..

Information is a tool that allows us to evolve. Without knowledge, discoveries of any kind could not be divulged and would die along with the discoverer. Climate change, terrorist attacks, etc. without technology, before a piece of news, would travel around the world, it would take too long, and that news would lose its real value.

Everything moves with information and we have to think about details to a boat that can sail in two ways: with the help of the engine or with the force of the wind. The wind is the lack of technology while the engine is the technology powered by “internet fuel”. If we have two boats and one sailing only drove by wind and one powered by the engine, which one will reach more places in less time?

We conclude with a quote from Socrates (470 BC – 399 BC) “There is only one good thing about knowledge. And only one evil is ignorance”, so knowledge makes us free and thanks to technology this happens.

Article edit by Alberto Manuel Zara

IT Software Engineering & Webmaster

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