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In the enchanting setting of the Splendid Apulia… The Dream of Love and the fairy tale of this wonderful Mediterranean couple, Edoardo and Monica, who secretly wanted to crown their most beautiful day with passion and love.


They love the sea, and so they dedicate their dream to the waves, onboard a wonderful boat, ready to offer them an indefinite pleasure. The couple, caressed by the wind that transports them out to sea, wrapped in a veiled sunset and low clouds, take full advantage of the moment to enjoy, amidst the lapping waves, a delicate glass of Champagne.

A wonderful, fairy-tale story that has to be lived in one breath. And this is how, in the early hours of the morning, Edoardo and Monica woke up in the splendid rooms of Palazzo Lupicini. Ready for this day in which everything tastes of trepid emotions and joyful expectations, of precious hands, smiles and sweet sighs.  The wedding dress is there waiting for her to be worn, but now it is time for Monica to have a make-up that will make her perfect in every detail.

Monica thus relies on the precious hands of Make-Up Artist Angela Scamarcio. But as in every wonderful fairy tale, the bride doesn’t come tiptoe. And so it happens also in this wonderful story. However, despite the difficulties that the delay entails, thanks to the collaboration of the entire team masterfully directed and managed by the renowned Wedding Planner Elisabetta D’Amborgio, we work in perfect coordination to make the day that crowns the love story of Edoardo and Monica unique and magical.

Wonderful result, the Bride is simply beautiful. At the end, the make-up artist tells us: “When I chose to become a make-up artist, I wanted to give much more than just a well-made make-up. Above all, I wanted to give the bride and groom an experience that leaves a strong emotion inside them that lasts more than just an hour. The choice of make-up should reflect the bride’s soul as much as possible and make the most of her beauty. And today all this shines through in Monica, and I am pleased about it”.

Here are the newlyweds ready and eager to start their dream outside the doors of Palazzo Lupicini. Always meticulous in her attention to detail, the Wedding Planner Elisabetta D’Ambrogio dispenses precious advice to the bride and groom as everything is under her supervision, as she tells us: “The wedding is much more than an event, it is a concentration of emotions, life stories, and above all it leads to a project of the union of two people who love each other. Being the Wedding Planner is always an honour, but above all, a great commitment that must be taken with great responsibility and commitment”.

The bride and groom are thus welcomed at Palazzo Tupputi, the location chosen by the bride and groom where they promise eternal love. The arrival at the palace is worthy of the dreams of a princess. A moment that Monica has always dreamed of and waited a lifetime for, clutching her bouquet. The ceremony, the fateful yes, the sparkling evening and a dream come true.

Thus begins the dream on the Sea for Edoardo and Monica. Skipper Massimiliano Di Liddo is waiting for them, and with his boat, he will dedicate a magical moment to the couple and all of us who love to dream. Speaking with him just before the couple arrived, we were curious and asked him which is his plan for them.

Massimiliano, with a genuine smile full of great satisfaction and happiness, confide to us: “They have trusted me for this important moment that will be forever in their memories and their hearts, and that is why I will try to make their moment on my boat unique… starting with some excellent glass of Champagne and ending with an enchanting and romantic Sunset”.

A voyage of love, among the waves, the glances that watch the sunset while the sailing ship sails gently ending its enchanted voyage to the port. We wanted to tell a true emotion, hoping to have been able to transport you in the dream, that dream that had two protagonists who will be united forever… Monica and Edoardo.

Edit by Massimo Basile

Editor & Founder

celebreMagazine World & Rinascimento Magazine


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