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There is something that can always make every woman feel like a Princess: fairytale shoes. From sneakers to high heels, shoes are one of the most important daily accessories. Shoes have the extraordinary power to give confidence, to make you feel more beautiful, more high-heeled, more elegant, comfortable or chic; the shoes we choose say a lot about us every day.

Shoes are always the perfect gift for every woman. Every little girl grows up with the story of Cinderella, but nowadays no one wants to lose precious shoes, no matter any Prince running behind… Surely you will remember the scene from the movie Sex and the City when Carrie opens the shoe cabinet inside the walk-in closet that Mr Big gave her. Is there any woman that does not dream of a shoe collection like that one and a fairytale walk-in closet? From movies to magazines, from tv series to digital influencers and celebrities, shoes always have a very important role.

Among the numerous luxury fashion brands, one in particular immediately evokes excellence and Italian style: Sergio Rossi. Unfortunately, one year ago, on the 3rd April 2020, Mr Sergio Rossi, the Company’s founder, passed away due to Covid-19. It was a significant loss for the Fashion Industry, but his experience, passion, knowledge, and creativity will never die. The Company, founded in the 1950s, is now stronger than ever, with extreme attention to sustainability, high quality, digitalization and innovation.

Riccardo Sciutto, CEO of the Company since 2016, is working on preserving the traditional techniques of the house and always says that quality, care and craft must always be at the centre of the creative process. Renowned for its iconic models like Godiva pumps and sr1 sandals with squared heel and toe, Sergio Rossi has introduced a new chapter, srWonder, that celebrates women and special and brilliant occasions. Every Bride needs perfect shoes for the most important day ever.

SrWonder collection presents modern and contemporary style, classic and timeless lines in a wide range of materials such as lace and crepe satin, and laminated and shiny glitter. This collection is made to measure, completely customizable: from the upper sole, heel height, decorations and applications, and even the sole where they can apply the date or the names’ initials.

There is another special touch: a blue spherical crystal applied in all these collection styles because every Bride needs “something blue” on the Wedding day. Are you worried to wear for so many hours high heels on the Big Day? Don’t worry, Sergio Rossi has an adorable sr1 slipper design that can use for the final part of the party and for a stylish breakfast the day after.

You can find srWonder collection at all Sergio Rossi boutiques in the world and, of course, online. For the customization, the delivery timing is from 8 to 10 weeks from the order, so… hurry up! The Wedding season is almost here, and you need to walk into your dream with fairytale shoes!

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Article edit by Diana Da Ros

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