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Venice, the art city par excellence, the undertaken dreams’ city, plans revealed, visible and tangible dreams. The only city in the world where it would have made sense to start again, yes, from art and art. Here kicked off, on 18 September 2021, one of the most extraordinary contemporary art exhibitions ever imagined in a difficult time like this. We are talking about Venice Start 2021, an event born from a crazy idea of the Art Curator and gallery owner, Mario Mazzoleni and the Artistic Coordinator Arianna Forni.

In the space of over 1700 meters, which will remain open until 7 November 2021, have found a place as many as 106 artists and over 600 works of art, personally selected by Art Events Mazzoleni. The magical context comes to life in the Arterminal of San Basilio, locality le Zattere, in fact, in the heart of a Venice ready to start again, to remove that patina of darkness dropped in the dark moment of the pandemic. We’re leaving, all together.

Organizers and Artists have allowed the actual realization of what, initially, could seem only one of those Venetian dreams, between gondolas and seagulls, between breathtaking sunsets and lagoons in continuous movement. The pride of being able to talk about this exhibition is also in the fact of having to consider the choice of location, useful to re-evaluate the Venetian port area: renovated, made beautiful and fascinating just like the historic centre known to the whole world.

Restarting does not just mean opening a door and allowing people to enjoy art; restarting means starting a movement, creating and consolidating a new path of art made by artists and by whom, expertly, has taken care of every single detail of these two exhibition months.

Within the space, we will also promote other events to represent how much art in art is, exactly, what we need. We must look beyond, considering the importance of culture as a major factor in constructing people today, yesterday and, above all, tomorrow.

This exhibition is for everyone, and everyone will have the opportunity to enter into the magic to live it, internally, as protagonists.

Following, the list of all the participant artists:

Andrea Serra, Roberta Betti,Tiziana Adreani, Claudio Filippini, Mr. Degri, Davide Tedeschini, Marco Barberio, Carlo Fontana, Luana Muntoni, Paolo Tinelli, Riccardo Barsottini, Steve Fox, Carmelo Muscari, Michele Toniatti, Bianca Beghin, Giovanna Fra, Sebastiano Navarra, Stefano Torti, Cristian Benazzi, Stefania Galletti, Oliviero Passera, Sandra Valdevilt, Giorgio Bertazzoli, Veronica Garcea, Beatrice Pastorio. Patrizio Vanessi, Tobia Berti, Carmine Garofalo, Laura Pellizzari, Anna Vasile, Claudia Bartolami, Annika Geigel, Lele Picà, Giusi Velloni, Aurélien Boussin, Andrea Marco Ghia, Cael Pipin, Flavio Vincenzi, Flavio Bregoli, GianBlu, Carmelo Pluchino, Maria Virseda, Achille Bresolin, Enrico Gobbi, Giò Podestà, Monika Walter, Alessio Calega, Nataša Gregorič Nabhas, Valentina Zingaro, Alessandra Cantamessa, Paola Hüller, Daniela Rebuzzi, JC Juri Carissimi, Gloria Leonardi, Mirko Roncelli, Castill, Samuele Lievi, Lilly Russo Latteria, Claudio Cavalli, Vincenzo Lipari, Veronica Sampaoli, Antonio Cesare, Marco Lodola, Mattia Sanarico, Alberto Chiaretto, Mirko Luciani, Sonja Sansoni, Sonya Cipro, Alberto Magi, Sangy, Matteo Codignola, Elisabetta Maistrello, Sanpolo, Annalisa Colombo, Giampiero Malgioglio, Miroslav Sandanus, Roberta Crepaldi, Giuseppe Marani, Domenico Savoldelli, Zeno Da Verona, Stefano Mariotti, Maria Antonietta Scarpari, Ornella de Rosa, Gabriele Marchesi, Massimiliano Sciuccati, Antonio Delle Rose, Giulia Marchioni, Mirella Scotton, Fabiana Di Donata, Pietro Mastrota, Giorgia Sebastianelli, Sara Digiovanni, Karin Mauschauer, Andrea Serra, Francesca Falli, Rita Mazzini, Kiril Simakov, Nicola Fantini, Sandra Menoia, Rudina Simicija, Chiara Fenaroli, Dimitri Milesi, Marianna Simonetti. 

Catalogue: Venice Start 2021, 106 artists, work for the Artist

Directions: Arterminal, San Basilio, locality le Zattere, Venice

Article edit by Massimo Basile

Editorial Director @

celebreMagazine World

Monaco Woman 

Rinascimento Magazine 

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