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Luxurious and super-exclusive, the Ulysse Nardin SPARKLING BLAST is a timepiece produced in a limited edition of six, literally paved with diamonds Luxurious and super-exclusive. And incredibly sought-after. We are talking about the Ulysse Nardin SPARKLING BLAST, a fantastic timepiece that aims to stand out for its refined design and brilliance.

A Skeletrate of Lightness – Yes, because the Ulysse Nardin SPARKLING BLAST is a skeleton watch with a veritable explosion of diamonds, produced in a limited edition. Just six pieces: three in white gold with a white rubber strap and three in white gold with a dark blue alligator strap.

211 Diamonds – Boasting an explosion of 211 diamonds (featuring 85 different and unique cuts), totalling 13 carats, the Ulysse Nardin SPARKLING BLAST features the iconic “X” studded with these precious minerals, while the automatic deployment clasp is itself adorned with a total of 1.22 carats. The crown, bezel and hands are also set with hand-faceted diamonds.

Movement Water-resistant to a depth of 50 metres, the Ulysse Nardin SPARKLING BLAST is powered by an UN-172 movement with a platinum micro-rotor a three-day power reserve. The 45 mm case integrates a 2.5 Hz automatic flying tourbillon in silicon.

Stealth Inspired Ulysse Nardin‘s designers modelled the Sparkling Blast trumpets on stealth aircraft to ensure elegant and even slightly daring facets: the idea was to create a watch also a jewel on the wrist. Besides, a kind of “invisible setting” made it possible to set the diamonds without altering the watch’s aesthetic impact by positioning them in a favourable light position. It is a French process-perfected some 200 years ago and used when diamonds are mounted in a row: it is the most difficult manoeuvre for a jeweller to master, as it does not use prongs settings that could detract from the sparkle of the precious stones.

Ethical Diamonds – The diamonds (all certified by the Kimberley Process and comply with the World Diamond Council’s guarantee system, which confirms that they are not ‘bloody’ diamonds, but legal ones) are held in place from below by a hidden structure. This composition grips each diamond on a small groove cut into each base and fixed into the metal structure, invisible from the surface. Not used for round-cut diamonds or stones with rounded edges, invisible setting requires the ‘flat’ sides to be placed side by side and then fixed into the metal foundation. If you want to stand out, you will undoubtedly hit the mark.

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Edit by Alessandro Colombo

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