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What is a perfume, what evokes a place where we have been, a recipe that tastes like home, the liveliness of an evening with friends? Pleasure, joy, lightness, this is the meaning of a fragrance that accompanies you through your days. Chicago High is an emotion for men and women that encapsulates in its fragrance the luxury of beautiful things. Tobacco and Champagne to relive the golden years of elegant clothes and glamour, spicy notes that taste euphoria, a celebration of optimism, of infinite emotions linked to important objectives, to the sensation of freedom that a trip that you will remember in that fragrance arouses.

Full-bodied and real, it vibrates the changing mood when you ‘wear’ it and evoke the desires, the dreams that are at hand. To create a perfume, you need to look at the things you have experienced, to immortalise them like a black and white photograph that recalls the sound of carefree laughter on an endless night. Life stories of men and women who know of contrasts and tensions of different skins in which the perfume is a fougér that changes in intensity in the feminine interpretation that arouses and exalts the sweeter side of champagne, like a refined lady.

In the man, one feels the tobacco manifested in the skin’s self-awareness, a lively note of light and shade in a woody contrast that poses a sartorial dinner jacket, class in the colours, shapes and features of the wearer. Imaginaries that shape our olfactory sensations overpower and make unique the reflection of personality in the perfumed notes.

The innate elegance of this perfume encompasses tobacco, leather, honey and spices. It is a plunge into the past in the 1920s by Vilhelm Parfumerie and distributed by Beauty and Luxury. A warm harmony of extracts that stand out, sublime notes that can be felt in this perfume’s glamour that ranges from femininity to the masculine declination. It belongs to a synthesis that dedicates both sexes an original experience in a daily ritual of beauty, a perfect blend of style and sensations. It is the first thing we feel when we approach it, the perfume, it either highlights us or ridicules us, that is why a good perfume is our luxury, it represents us in a personal research identity, personalised but spontaneous, enveloping, a choice of nuances in constant dialogue with our bodies.

Our changes are linked to perfume, the dynamism of our days have a smell, we develop it in projects, in the elegance that conceals a moment of ecstasy, in the hands that rub them to enhance the perfume worn in the morning. To have something to link to the adventure of an entire life, the comfort of a perfume that fits us like underwear on the skin, that becomes beauty, takes shape like fabric, that personal touch that is with the harmony of body and mind.

A spray that overwhelms the senses, giving rise to a journey of discovering a scent that confirms that fragrance is an exaltation of us. Perfume is an ancient culture with distant roots; about 5000 years ago, the Egyptians used fragrances extracted from plants.

Used by all peoples and exalted in France in the 18th century, it is the “wake” of sensuality, of femininity that has pervaded the senses’ culture. An essence that binds man and woman in body and mind in that first meeting amplifies a suggestion, emotional experiences that take us back to a past that we associate with that perfume. In life, it is necessary to breathe in every moment and live it as a protagonist, whether it is spectacular or full of mistakes; life is your theatre of emotions, live them with perfume.

Article edit by Antonella Malizia

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