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Daniela Fischli is a Switzerland based designer. While growing up in a creative environment, she had the opportunity to experience fashion and design every day. She specializes in interior design and gold smithery.

These two passions have grown up with Daniela following her passion and her vision but always focus separately with two different pathway. The Interior Design works and creates project under the company called FIP Studio Fischli, while the gold smithery artwork has his prestigious brand DF Artelier.

The goal of Fischli’s interior design is creating new or recreating already existing spaces into a perfect place to live. Space has to be comfortable and improve well-being, but also suit residents’ personalities. She designs not only private residences but also takes care of commercial buildings. Those are even more challenging than private properties because they focus mostly on functionality. However, Daniela Fischli can design them to be utilitarian but also pleasant on the eye.

According to artists, a good interior design can increase the visual qualities and efficiency of the place, where work can be done easier and faster. Daniela Fischli has a similar approach to jewellery as she has to architecture. The starting point for both of these subjects starts as an idea that first crystallizes in mind and then is brought to life by a pencil touching paper. When the design is created, the jewellery emerges from the mind, through the drawing, into reality, when it gets shaped.

Like architecture, the jewellery created in the Artelier includes straight and fluid lines and operates on the contrast between warm and cool colours. Precious materials contrast with rough stones and cool provisions. Most collections created in the DF Artelier are inspired by architecture and nature. It’s a perfect choice for everyone who loves minimal beauty, enchanted in simple yet spectacular forms.

One of the jewellery collections, the Concrete Collection, is a perfect example of the execution of the artist’s idea of beauty and the connection with an architectonical solution. The contrast of colours used by the artist and the contradiction of raw materials connected with gold show that even the least obvious, surprising connection can turn into excellence.

Each item, even the smallest ones, has a focal point that attracts attention, turning a simple object into an interesting piece of art. Fischli picks each part of the jewellery one by one, whether it is a pearl or a stone. Her love for little imperfections makes each piece of jewellery very unique.

The artist considers nature as the best source of inspiration. She notices preciousness in small differences that vary one item from the other. This is something that adds value to everything. Imperfection is also a reflection of authenticity, a characteristic of nature. The Floating Pearls Collection is a great example of this approach to jewellery.

Straight, perfect lines executed in precious metal are a background for irregularities of natural pearls. Pearls are considered one of the most elegant and beautiful jewellery items. By picking those with a visible uniqueness, Fischli shows that the beauty of nature lies in the imperfections and originality. She even compares pearls to people. Each of them has individual and irreplaceable components and qualities that cannot be exchanged for anything or anyone else.

A similar thing was captivated in the Imperfect Circle Collection. Fischli, inspired by Ensō, a Buddhist symbol of Zen, executed a collection of earrings and rings. Visible hammering and the irregularities of the pearls that were attached to the metal make each piece unique. Ensō also supposes to be evidence of the unique style of its creator. In that meaning, it perfectly suits Fischli’s idea of jewellery design: full of irregularities and contrast that can reflect the simplicity and beauty of the natural world.

Whether it’s interior design or jewellery, Daniela Fischli tailors each detail to create a perfectly harmonious wholeness. Each piece of jewellery is hand made, and Daniela Fischli carefully chose items used to create it.

This is why in DF Artelier, there are no two Jewels the same.

Edit by Massimo Basile

Editor & Founder

celebreMagazine – Monaco Woman – Rinascimento Magazine

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