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A place of taste and fragrance. Magna Pars, the famous Hotel à Parfum in Milan with its in-house restaurant Da Noi In, is ready to welcome customers again in a gourmet space in the Secret Garden. Taste and scents, luxury and relaxation, research and pleasure. There is no other way to describe the feeling of welcome in this corner of Milan. At Magna Pars Suites Milano, created the hotel around LabSolue, the Martone family’s perfume laboratory. Famous for its scented delicacies, its events based on essences, its suites, each dedicated to a fragrance.

When Milan is ready to enjoy reopening, this establishment comes to meet us with open arms by inaugurating the new season in the Hotel à Parfum’s unique indoor garden. Immersed in the greenery and intoxicated by the scents of flowers and plants of the Secret Garden, we will be able to return to enjoy the pleasure of lunch or dinner in total safety, and above all, respecting the “rules” of the open air!

A double menu, designed by chef Andrea Alfieri, executive in this structure since autumn 2019, with a history of important partnerships around the Alps. His cuisine enhances the raw materials, skilfully combining the seafood cuisine that characterises the line of the restaurant with its Milanese and international style.

A double menu as seafood cuisine complements traditional Italian recipes for lunch and dinner at the DA NOI IN Restaurant. At the same time, delicious dishes, salads and snacks make up an informal menu at the LIQUIDAMBAR Lounge Bar. Not to be missed at the restaurant is the “Da Noi In caged egg, milk cream, grana padano, white and black truffle”, as well as some of the signature dishes including:

  • “Tagliolini in fondo al mare DaNoi” in with homemade pasta and redfish, gurnard and mullet ragout.
  • “Pescato del giorno” on seafood guazzetto, baby peas, marjoram Ligurian potato pie.
  • “Tiramisu Da Noi In”, chocolate sphere, gold, mascarpone mousse, homemade ladyfingers and coffee.

There is no shortage of meat dishes, from straight cold cuts to typical Milanese first and second courses. And the bonus at the table is the scent of the oil, hints of fruit and leaves, which combine with the scents of the place, to stay in theme. A cold pressing of frantoiano, moraiolo and leccino varieties come from the family’s own centuries-old olive grove on the Argentaia estate in Magliano, Tuscany.

Liquidambar’s menu specialities include tasty salads, intriguing club sandwiches and dishes ranging from “Piovra alla plancia” to vegetable “minestrone alla milanese” asparagus alla parmigiana with poached eggs and truffle perlage to gourmet pizza with burrata cheese, veal in pink, tuna sauce and “puntarelle”. In recent months, the much-loved (and long-sought-after, in recent months) Aperitivo returns to animate the evenings with mixology classics and Olfactory Aperitifs basis of the monthly pre-lockdown events in this oasis of essences. Essentially Signature Cocktails designed for the occasion and inspired by the olfactory notes that define the Hotel à Parfum, one per suite, available from the laboratory at the hotel entrance.

There’s even a proposal for the start of the day, with a rich Breakfast with Lab Raw Juices, healthy and refreshing, ideal for an equally energetic start to the day. So, those who can’t wait to get back to savouring good food in a unique setting, full of greenery and scents, covered and heated and set in a magical garden, have found their scented corner in which to relax, taste and open their senses.

Enjoy even more @ Magna Pars – L’Hotel a Parfum             

Article edit by Nadia Toppino

Food, Wine & Hospitality Consultant

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