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There are different ways to express masculine elegance, even maintaining characteristics that tend to be defined as common in the most refined areas. The multitude of gadgets that a man can use have the purpose of being matched together to bring out both themselves and the suit, which is the latter for both daytime and big occasions.

Initially, you can rely on a particular tie well matched with the suit or pocket-handkerchief in the case of an evening event, think of a red tie combined with a black suit and a white handkerchief that recalls the tone of the shirt contrasting with the important colour of the tie. However, this is not enough to fully express the elegance of the man, in this are helped by elements such as cufflinks, tubular (if embellished with twin pins or with tubular prints), tie clips, gloves (in the case of a dance or an important event, Typically for this accessory it is preferable to use the colour white) and last but not least, it is necessary to complete the combination with a buttonhole that on the left lapel of the jackets can show the importance and, sometimes, superiority making the figure of the man more complete in all his fields, from the manager to an entrepreneur or a politician. Very famous for this gadget is the representation of every American president accompanied by his own eyelet representing the American flag.

Despite the variety of precious accessories, they will never be as important as the first one mentioned, the cufflinks. The first impression is and will always be the most important, and obviously, as every good first meeting in favour of respecting both is mandatory a firm handshake, so the first thing you come into contact with is the hand, on which surely an eye will fall on who we are introducing ourselves, and the cufflinks here will have the opportunity to show themselves completely allowing you to get a glimpse of the male class. There is an immense variety of cufflinks, from the simplest and square-shaped to the most complex and elegant, which can be used at any time of the day.

The various fashion houses have studied different varieties of cufflinks both to fascinate men and to make them rivals to women’s fashion jewellery, including brooches and bracelets, allowing them to settle on a very high fashion step. Analyzing all the phases of the day it is possible to classify the different types of cufflinks in this way, in particular, Gucci has made its mark by releasing two models in particular, for the day and the evening, a spectacular silver edition is suitable for the evening and big occasions, the shape is that of the fashion house brand, in fact, the GG always distinguishable are perfect on a dark suit. On the contrary, the gold version covers the first phases of the day until late afternoon, their round shape with Gucci’s engraving on it perfectly follows the shape of the button of day jackets, allowing to highlight every detail.

The Versace and Prada Maisons have also created perfect cufflinks, Prada has aimed at the day cufflinks, made entirely in white gold which bears the fashion house’s brand name on it. In contrast, Versace has designed a pair of evening and event cufflinks for formal occasions, their slim and elegant rectangular shape allows them to be noticed but also to remain concealed to be shown at the right time, in particular, Prada covers the top of its cufflinks with a black-like tone that accentuates its characteristics. Louis Vuitton does not fail to present a line of cufflinks in a triangular shape with a perforated surface, representing the reworked logo, concentrating their elegance towards the part of the shirt that should normally remain a few centimetres outside the jacket, allowing a perfect combination of tones, both in its yellow and white gold version.

Swarovski has aimed, releasing perhaps the most particular but also the most complex cufflinks to match according to everyone’s taste, cufflinks made in oval-shaped red gold with a ruby in the centre and small diamonds in the outline. The “Maison Cartier” has created elegant cufflinks in the reflection of its style in sterling silver with palladium finish, an accessory of excellence that conquers the man to complete his clothing in the richness of an object that recalls a touch of class in the men’s outfit.

The cufflinks have always interpreted the elegance of a detail that makes the difference, the uniqueness of one’s taste but also a status symbol reworked into a distinctive element that enhances the cuffs and emphasizes class.

Edit by Antonella Malizia

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