Dorothée Sausset’s holistic jewelry

In a period like the one we are experiencing during the Covid pandemic, Muriel realized that the world was changing: I was able to dare and today I can define myself as a pioneer in France in the understanding of the changes in the market due to the health crisis and the digital transformations that began as a result. I therefore switched from face-to-face activity to a digital one as early as May 2020, establishing a partnership with a virtual showroom: www.lenewblack.comToday I manage 28 brands that are part of this digital edition. My ambition and strategy for 2022 is the concept of “PHYGITAL” that is the art of knowing how to combine the physical edition (a return to the Palais Vivienne in January 2022 for Haute Couture week) with the digital edition. “

Palais Vivienne, Paris

Muriel has a multi-faceted personality with a positive energy. Her slogan for jewelry is: “consume less but better“, for ethical reasons and also because she knows how to offer niche brands to an audience of selected connoisseurs. Another pillar of Muriel’s philosophy is the democratization of fine jewelry. Her ability to reveal and discover new talents satisfies a demand that is always growing thanks to digital channels.

Opaliza: first Jewelry Maison dedicated to hair. All pieces are handmade in gold & precious stones

This dynamic lady has a positioning she defines as “hybrid”- a mixture of BtoB (business to business) which means inter-company exchanges and BtoC (business to consumer) sales aimed directly at the final consumer. For this reason, she received proposals to put in place some pop-up corners from Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussman and International concept stores. Muriel is an example of a strong and enterprising woman, expert in her job. The companies can rely on her great experience and know that they can always count on her dynamism and creative genius.

Inés de La Fréssange Paris Joaillerie

The niche salon that Muriel curates at the Palais Vivienne in Paris twice a year (the next edition will be in January 2022) takes place in a wonderful, sumptuous but also intimate private building. This is an elegant place where Muriel presents her rapidly expanding brands to experts and members of the fashion community.

Palais Vivienne’s salon

I therefore have the pleasure to show here some of the brands of exceptional jewelry curated by Precious Room.

Philippe Ferrandis collier Sobek from the name of the Egyptian God of Water who had a crocodile head
Maria Kovadi Tanzanite Iris Ring
Tania Zerdok Gipsy collection
Dangleterre: three rings in 18k gold with colored stones
Antoine Chapoutot: Solal ring made in white gold and diamonds pave

The great expertise of Muriel is a guarantee for brands to copy with the changes of the tastes and habits of the new post-Covid society.

“If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living. “ – Gail Sheehy

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Article edit by Laura Astrologo Porché

IG: @journaldesbijoux