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Lalique, the French luxury house, founded more than a hundred years ago by the skilful hands of the founder René Lalique, pays particular attention to the processing of crystal to create objects of fine workmanship intended to become unique collectibles.

The path of the Lalique Brand was born first of all from the inspiration of René who relies on the originality of his designs for unique creations. Designer, goldsmith, glassmaker, interior decorator and industrialist, Lalique developed a series of artistic peculiarities that could give him space in different sectors during his career, it is no coincidence that he was hired by renowned brands for the creation of unique works. Natural elements, female nudes and animals are the main subjects on which the eye of the French artist focuses. From a stylistic point of view, Art Nouveau and Art Deco distinguish all the creations of this multifaceted Alsatian genius.

The decisive turning point came when, after having refined the technique by enhancing the ductility of glass with relief decorations, colours and transparencies, René and his son Marc Lalique decided to switch to crystal, creating that particular contrast between satin crystal and transparent crystal that was decisive for the success of the Lalique brand. The Lalique family continues to climb the ladder of success from generation to generation. Subsequently, the Swiss Art & Fragrance Group, under the direction of Silvio Denz, acquired Lalique with the aim of developing it globally and increasing the production capacity of the glassworks.

Today, Lalique is the absolute symbol of excellence, luxury and purity.
Lalique crystal objects are characterized by a timeless modernity and give ample prominence to contemporary minimalism. Those who choose these products appreciate a rich, opulent aesthetic, finely worked and sometimes even particularly on the stripes.
The Lalique crystal vases are inimitable examples and some are just iconic models on the market: Bacchantes, designed to pay homage to the sinuous and prosperous feminine shapes of Bacchantes; the Mossi model where the frosted effect and the contrast between glossy and matt stand out; Flamme, an Art Deco style vase with a perfect geometry of shapes at the service of aesthetics; Icy Vase, an object that seems like a real work carved in ice; Courlis, a piece in which the shapes are traditional but the drawing with a naturalistic theme (a flight of birds) is a real game of recesses, grooves and protrusions that filter the light where it should be.

Lalique loves to wink at the aesthetes of the wildest luxury with its lush vases but the core business currently focuses on five different types of collections: decorative objects, interior design, jewelry, perfumes and art.

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by Federico Stilo

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