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The Brand CARUSO 1956 is synonymous of quality, refinement and dedication for over 60 years. In 1956 the family business was born at the time when ice cream was made at home and then you would go to the bar because there was Carpigiani, the “industrial” machine.

Thanks to her experience and inspiration, the Eclectic and Extraordinary Pina Caruso combines tradition and creativity, past and present in products of the highest quality, always unique and always to be discovered.

Pina Caruso is a Self Made Lady; she is magnetic, she is a Leader, the “Lucanian Woman” with an Italian popular “singing” family name famous in all over the world… Caruso. She was born in the “Pâtisserie” world and she has continued to follow her lovely passion. She took over the reins of the family business, the third generation, with the same spirit as her mother “born to do this” and with the entrepreneurial skills of the good women of our time.

A marvellous mix, to combine poetry and passion, to give birth to sweetness in a “mantecata” version. She who has been accustomed to beauty and refinement by her father, who is passionate about good things, now gives free rein to her sweet and creamy creations, all dedicated to loved ones, because in every taste there is a special love, which starts from the strong bond for her land, “Basilicata” that enters the heart, and in this case also in ice cream. Sweet and tenacious at the same time, she has creates flavours of ice cream thinking about poetic verses and artistic images. All branded “Lucano”, her land that she loves to transmits in everything she does.

And it is like tasting a part of the history of this Basilicata, a part of Italian history. Its tastes make travel, between love and madness, the sweet madness of creativity. And they also make your travel outside regional and national borders. Entering the Pina Caruso World, tasting her delicacies, means find oneself in the beauty of big cities, in the vivacity of Milan, in the luxury of a Paris, in the cosmopolitan nature of London. Travelling with a taste, this is what it means Unforgettable Taste Experience.

Pina Caruso’s ice creams are like a time machine that brings back to ancestral memory and at the same time project into a future to be lived. All flavours tell a story as if they were collected in an anthology of taste. Tales of personal pride, of true happiness of being born in the midst of the art of ice-cream: “I try to tell the story of my land with the raw materials, especially of my territory, and so I am always looking (spasmodically!) for typical products. For a strong desire to have in my hand’s local excellences to give a soul to the ice cream”.

And its ice-creams thus become nutritious and delicious foods in terms of quality and mastery. Each one brings back a memory, a love, a passion, which inevitably transfers to those who savour it. From the Infinito flavour, dedicated to herself after she recognized herself in the verses of Leopardi’s Infinito as a shy little girl, to Dolce Betty, dedicated to her daughter Elisabetta, with a cream with chocolate that Pina still makes by hand as she used to do in the past.

The Mon amour taste dedicated to her husband, to kroon a story of more than 30 years of passion depicted by the red cherries of the small village “Acerenza”. Following “Forever”, the Madagascar vanilla taste with Cuban rum, raspberries and raw chocolate, dedicated to an important friend, a Friendship that will remain forever. And then “Rosetta” dedicated to her mother Rosa, to remember the sensation of the maternal breast, the first nourishment of a child, a genuineness that wants to continue over time.

In addition, talking about ice-cream flavours, Pina Caruso is also a master of confectionery, and the excellence of “Lucanian” products also comes to life in her desserts, from traditional Mostaccioli to Baci Ducali, from typical Scorzette to Amaretti Morbidi, from Tozzetti to Divino Amore. All Diamonds in the casket of his sweet jewels.  Up to a Handmade Panettone made by Calciano Brothers in their historical workshop in Tricarico that Pina fills with her ice cream, recreating a unique dessert with a Christmas flavour, a Lucanian soul and with a dash of Caruso’s heart. Lovely and Sweet music for those who love the elegant and refined beauty of delicate and delicious things.

Lovely and Delicious taste experience accompanied by the delicate sound of  Caruso.

Because you can fall in love everywhere, but where you were born it worth even more!!

Enjoy even more @ Caruso 1956

Photo by Carmen Peluso

Edit by Nadia Toppino

Food – Wine & Hospitality Consultant

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