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All the great Art Experts and Art Critics have always converged on one great thought when it comes to the added value of artistic work: Behind a great artwork, there is always a great cultural background of the Artist.

Whether we are talking about Hyperrealism, Cubism, Abstractionism or whatever else, the “fil-rouge”, the true added value that gives a common sense at the artworks of great artists is the historical and cultural perception they have.

Admiring and contemplating the artworks of the renowned Artist Sandra Menoia, is not a coincidence that her great cultural knowledge is so evident. In fact, her background is rich in culture: in fact, coming from classical studies, she graduated in Modern Literature and is a lover of classicism. Aware of her strongly humanistic knowledge and her great passion for art, she arrived in the art world after a deep and personal artistic growth, with a strong desire to express her emotions.

Her Art has followed her ego, her personality, her being, giving life to her unmistakable abstractionism which is part of her DNA and which follows an instinctive and at the same time meticulously controlled artistic process.

Abstraction thus takes shape in her artworks. This artistic movement was born at the beginning of the twentieth century and found its full meaning in the etymology of the word: Abstract, from the Latin “Abstrahere” which means to separate… in this case it is the distancing from known and recognisable forms and images. This artistic movement will forever influence the artistic vein of the renowned artist who will cultivate her own unique and original conception of “Absolute Beauty”.

To better understand her art and the artistic vision she captures and expresses, let’s find out more about this renowned artist. Proudly Venetian (she was born in 1965 in San Donà di Piave in the district of Venice), Sandra Menoia is strongly linked to her homeland, which has given her so much in her personal and inner growth.

Growing up in an important cultural context where culture, historicism, classicism and art were part of her daily life since from a young age, the expressive arts start to be part her life (Abstractionism in particular). They became an integral part of her life. In a Venice, rich in art and artistic vitality with exhibitions of world-famous artists such as Jackson Pollock, Frank Kline and many others, Sandra Menoia’s Art comes to life.

The excellence of her Abstract Art, the painting is rich in light, with its acrylic colours, embellishes her canvases with strokes and spatulate lines that involve and excite those who admire and contemplate her masterpieces. An Art that looks at the concept of reality in a free and imaginative way that transports us into an enchanted world. Brightness, three-dimensionality, technique and passion, the perfect mix that clearly transpires from her Artworks.

It was 2010 when her first important Solo Exhibition in Italy was presented at the Caffé LetterarioSince that event her Art began to be appreciated nationwide by Art Collectors and Art Experts. Since 2010 Sandra Menoia has taken part in numerous national and international exhibitions, which have received great approval from Art Collectors and Art Critics. Her last important personal exhibition is dated 2019, held in the beautiful city of Cagliari, Sardinia.

In the artist’s present and future, important national and international projects and major collaborations with prestigious Art Galleries, international Foundations, and professional people from the art world will see Sandra plays a leading role. Sandra Menoia’s Art is Unique and Unmistakable and is considered by Art Investors to be a promising Art Investment for the future.

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Edit by Massimo Basile

Editor: celebreMagazine – Monaco Woman – Rinascimento Magazine

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