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We are in Roero, in the municipality of Castellinaldo d’Alba, a village nested on the suggestive Piedmont hilly landscape. This is where Teo Costa farm was born, a company famous all over the world for its wines, Roero classic DOC and DOCG wines, as well as a wide range of wines without sulphites (they are absolutely the first company to do it) and some Libera Natura wines, a project that goes way beyond organic.

The company was founded at the end of the nineteenth century by the great-grandfather Antonio Costa, known all over the town with the biblical name Giobbe, thanks to his great tenacity and biblical patience. Costa farm has become a tangible and fascinating reality. An important structure that nowadays reaches 50 hectares of vineyards between Roero and Langa where more than 230.000 vines have been planted. The vine, carefully selected and planted, have today been moved to Roero and Langa: Castellinaldo and Castagnito, Treiso (in Barbaresco area) and Novello (in Barolo area).

All over the years many things have changed: we have had different generations passing by, each one with their own peculiarities, new productions have been added, first zootechnics and later black pigs breeding (the recovery of an ancient breed in order to reproduce the characteristics of the extinct Cavour Pig) and finally peaches cultivated in the vineyard. And the farm itself, which is the pride and joy of Roero, has gained visibility and prestige in different markets. After over a century, Costa family is at its fourth generation and they are still the owners of the company.

Today, two brothers Marco and Roberto Costa (called Teo) run the company, assisted by the other members of the family: father Antonio and mother Mariuccia represent the wisdom and the rural experience, the new generation (Isabella, Viviana, Manuel Antonio) brings innovation and studies new markets.

The essential foundations of their success have never been questioned over the years. Rural humility, a strong bond to the territory, respect of traditions that go arm in arm with innovation, and the willingness to take on new challenges. In 1995 the first match between art and wine was conceived with the creation of the label dedicated to the famous painter Antonio Ligabue. In 2007, after years of experimentations, the company patented the vinification technique without added sulphites.

After the first rosé spumante “SO2 free”, which obtained international recognitions and a gratifying review on the Financial Times (which included the Teo Costa sparkling wine “Madre natura Rosé” in its Top toasts list, describing it as “The combination of 100% Nebbiolo and 0 sulphites produces a very gentle, unusual, rose-scented Piemontese fizz that would make a most distinctive aperitif”), the selection of wines without sulphites has widen more and more.

In the past few years the company has set up the project “Libera natura” in collaboration with other farms in Castellinaldo. An agreement between producers to commit to a drastic reduction of the chemical interventions in the cultivation of the vines and in the wine production, and to increase the natural fertility of the vineyards.

Teo Costa farm produces Alba territory typical wines. From Roero Arneis to Langhe Favorita, from Roero to Nebbiolo d’Alba, from Barbaresco to Barolo and Barbera d’Alba, with a special mention to “Castellinaldo” which contributes to the special value of the territory. The vineyards directly cultivated are exclusively favoured and they give birth to the wines marketed with the brand names Selezione Teo Costa, Giobbe and Ligabue. The recognitions for these wines continue: after the mention on the Financial Times in 2013, many other awards have followed. The most recent are: at the world contest “The United Nation of Fine Wines” in Brussels 2019 Teo company won two important awards, “The silver Medal” for Castellinaldo 2017 Barbera d’Alba DOC and for Ligabue 2017 Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC. A Roero to taste, savouring nature, art and passion in Teo Costa’s wines!

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by Nadia Toppino 

Food – Wine & Hospitality Consultant

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