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I am proud to introduce the Swiss School of Management is a student-oriented school which teaches practical skills that allow students to become competitive on the job market and the business world today. The Swiss School of Management is unique because it moves beyond just textbooks and theory and teaches students to think critically about real-world situations and apply practical solutions to contemporary problems that they may face in the business world.

The Swiss School of Management’s faculty team is made up of professors whose experience spans beyond academia but also to modern companies and institutions providing valuable insights that only those with experience in the field can teach. Students are taught through case studies and tangible experiences such as company visits and international conventions which gives students the confidence and the competence to become a force in the world of business.

Students will be able to meet the demands of a globalized and competitive business world and the Swiss School of Management gives students the tools to excel in this world. “We create Leaders” is not just a phrase written on their posters but a core value of the school. Students learn to become leaders through public speaking, group work, and team-building activities. This is not just a value that the school teaches, but practices as well. Over the past five years, the Swiss School of Management has moved beyond Europe to become a global operation.

Through the tireless work of my team and our Vice President, Serena Magnanti the Swiss School of Management has been able to share its vision all over the world, opening campuses in Dubai and Cairo, as well as creating partnerships in Singapore, Alger, Yangon, Ho Chi Minh City and this seems to be only the beginning. With the emergence of COVID-19, the world is faced with unprecedented circumstances. Schools all over the world have been shut down and countries around the world have closed their borders creating unusual obstacles for international schools around the world.

The Swiss School of Management rose to the challenge and confronted these challenges as an opportunity to expand the school’s online platform. Investing in brand new technology the Swiss School of Management has managed to create online programs as well as hybrid programs ensuring that their students around the world can procure an education of the highest quality from anywhere in the world; regardless of the current global crisis. Although the world is becoming less personal due to the lack of contact and social distancing regulations, the Swiss School of Management continues to maintain a personal setting through live online sessions where students can still have personal and supportive contact with their professors as well as with their peers.

The Swiss School of management asserts that their students and faculty are all part of the Swiss School of Management family and has worked very hard to maintain this sense of community despite the lack of physical contact.

The COVID-19 pandemic has not hindered the Swiss School of Management’s path for growth but rather, it has provided the opportunity to continue to grow by developing distance learning and through putting the school’s resiliency and adaptability through the test and coming out even stronger than before.

Students who graduate from the Swiss School of Management graduate with more than just a degree. They graduate with a community that will continue to support them throughout their lives and with the abilities and skillset to pave the road to their success.

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Article edit by Dr. Massimiliano Bracalé, PhD, MBA, Dipl.B.W.HF

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