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We think often about how it is possible to create an incredible business that can bring well-being to the body and soul. Problems that have accompanied people throughout their lives make this happen. This is how Seticrei was born from a personal epidermal problem. This is the story of Donatella Colangelo, founder of Seticrei Cosmetica, who, at the age of 16, was forced to live with terrible viral acne on her face.

Donatella Colangelo, founder of Seticrei Cosmetics

Thus began for her a veritable “pilgrimage” between aesthetic and dermatological treatments. Purchase countless cosmetic products that were recommended to her as the perfect solution to her problem but which, in the end, only made her situation worse.

This in-depth research, aimed at understanding how a cosmetic can even make an epidermal problem worse, led her to take an interest in INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients), the list of all the ingredients that make up a product formula.

This gave rise to a passion for the subject that led her, five years ago, to set up Seticrei, which, as the word itself says, is intended to be a philosophy through which each of us can recreate ourselves (se-ti-crei) starting from the awareness of what we use as products every day.

This is why the products she creates are born with the Philosophy of 100% Natural, absolute purity and performance. For Seticrei, what counts is giving a result to the respective epidermal problems and not merely selling a cosmetic product. An integral part of the project is counselling aimed at the person and their individual needs.

Excellence is in Donatella and Seticrei’s DNA, so much so that the company has created the prestigious ‘Polvere di Diamanti’ line. A diamond is the most precious gem in nature, and with Seticrei, it becomes the luxury our skin deserves, illuminating it and giving it new vitality.

It also provides the skin with a youthful appearance by activating natural anti-ageing processes, protecting it from the sun’s harmful effects and pollution. As we all know, it is continuously subjected. Thanks to the trace elements they contain, our skin shines with extraordinary radiance. To complete this excellence, we add peptides, which are amino acids combined and used in cosmetics for their well-known anti-ageing effectiveness.

From the precious Diamond to the precious Caviar, the step is short. Donatella’s visionary genius could not fail to include a line of products using Caviar. This is how created a delicate fluid emulsion, which, thanks to its formula with an elective base of pure Caviar, in synergy with precious extracts of Water Lily and other valuable components, removes all makeup traces and superficial impurities. It is always advisable to use a small amount and massage it into the damp skin of the face, eyes and neck. Rinse with plenty of lukewarm water. Continue with your usual beauty ritual. The result is guaranteed.

A future is full of research and development that sees the company and Donatella ready for the challenge. Many projects in the pipeline will lead to the creation of significant and revolutionary new cosmetic lines, which, like all those “born” in the Seticrei household, are and will always be followed step by step by her “visionary manager”. Vivere est cogitare (To live is to think) wrote the great Marcus Tullius Cicero. Live is Create; this is the sublime thought of Donatella Colangelo and Seticrei Cosmetica.

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Article by Alessia Castelli

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