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The spring-summer 2021 collection by Selective Professional, a leader in the beauty sector for over twenty years, a 100% made in Italy brand with a strong focus on the world of colouring and technical services, supports and promotes values such as professionalism, safety, reliability, research, innovation and training, from styling to hair care.  Today Selective Professional is present in 70 countries.


Bi Bold, “an ode of courage to be oneself”, to face time, realise and express one’s image. Lines that depart from classicism and revisit a feminine and sensual woman, sometimes gritty and sometimes romantic.

Extremely versatile cuts and colours, suitable for all ages, inspired by the transgressiveness of the ’80s, the absolute protagonist for this 2021, the Mullet.

An easy and quite versatile cut, it adapts well to all ages and hair types, depending on the fringe, which, if short or well outlined, has a more punk and gritty tone, softer if long and heart-shaped, or parted to the side, to enhance the line and style, it is the perfect combination of shape and colour, COLOREVO 202 Nuances.  With its innovative technology, with ceraflux plus and colour diffusion system, the hair will be full-bodied and brilliant after colouring.

REVERSO the superfood colouring, ppd and ammonia-free, enriched with vegetable extracts, suitable for all hair types, extremely delicate, brilliant and nourishing. To give prestige to the colour of selective professional, the latest novelty, THE PIGMENTS 7, colours in very pure pigments that go beyond the laws of colourimetry “to be used in synergy with the technical products of selective professional or with the ON CARE and SUBLIME treatment lines”.

High-performance, a true colour show. In the BE BOLD COLLECTION, nuances and new manufacturing techniques have been studied to be uniquely authentic, natural and softly contrasting in the name of a Glamour sobriety that does not go unnoticed.

The execution method of the technical and stylistic work is always avant-garde thanks to the study and research work carried out by the SELECTIVE PROFESSIONAL educational team.  

Numerous courses, shows and professional training sessions are held worldwide, now also in digital form where style, technique and trend methodology are passed on to all hairdressers and stylists… a real University for Hairstylists who want to grow, improve and above all, be BI BOLD.

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Articolo a cura di Carmelo Spina

Photo by Roberto Covi

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