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Who works with his hands is a worker. Who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. Who works with his hands and his head, and his heart is an Artist. This is how “San Francesco d’Assisi” defined the Artist eight centuries ago. Over the centuries, art has evolved and changed, becoming a mirror of the historical periods in which it has always played a leading role.

And so it is that the love and passion for Art lead the Artist Sandra Valdevilt, with her hands, her head and her heart, to embark on an artistic/cultural journey that draws on her background of classical humanistic studies and her Degree in Sociology, the perception of the deepest artistic vein to pursue.

Her artistic maturity, the result of decades of dedication and passion, thus draws from contemporary art, more precisely from contemporary Pop Art. The Art of Sandra Valdevilt achieves its maximum figurative expression. Hers is a refined art that finds its excellence in simplifying forms and harmony of colours.

Her unmistakable touch is today highly appreciated by critics and art lovers alike. She rediscovers in cinema and comics’ great historical faces, such as Batman and Spider-Man, the perfect icons that take on an almost three-dimensional appearance and reflect his artistic vein.

Her works are creations made with simple, soft, well-defined lines, enriched by harmonious colours that fascinate and involve with emotions those who admire her canvases. This is Sandra Valdevilt’s Art, now defined by Art Experts and Critics as ‘Glam Pop Art’.

Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, Grace Kelly and the legendary Marilyn Monroe are just some of the great icons of the past painted by the artist, whose close-ups are intensely expressive, metaphorical and winking. These are works of art that have already been featured in important national and international group exhibitions. Sandra Valdevilt’s exhibition career has seen her present with her works in numerous important artistic events at Prestigious Galleries, Private Banks Institutes and International Art Fairs over the years. We also find her artwork published in prestigious catalogues, art magazines and magazines dedicated to the luxury interior design.

The Iconic Artist has many present and future projects, and she has very clear ideas about what she will be involved in over the next 18 months, with a calendar not only full of art events but also of meetings with art experts and collectors who “wink” with great interest at her artworks. It’s great prestige and pride for her to be selected with her Art, by the “Pace e Amore Italian Selection for Expo Dubai-Abu Dhabi 2021” Commission. She will contribute with her artworks to the official Italian promotion at the Universal Exhibition.

An important goal that will certainly give her a lot of fame and visibility worldwide. We can only wait and see the next artistic and exhibition projects that Sandra Valdevilt, in her global vision, has very clear in her mind… all enclose in one word: Astonish.

Discover more about Sandra Valdevilt:

FB @sandravaldevilt

IG @sandravaldevilt

Mail: sandravaldevilt@yahoo.com

Article Edit by Massimo Basile

Editor @ celebreMagazine – Rinascimento Magazine – Monaco Woman

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