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When I asked Sabrina Ferrari what inspired her to love sculpture, she answered at once, with her sparkling smile, “Sculpture is my life! It was all so natural!” Her enthusiastic art career started at a young age and approached all kinds of media. Sabrina was born in 1970 in the Shakespearian romantic city of Verona where she currently lives and works. After having studied artistic studies, her passion culminated in following one of the most dynamic, live, energetic, compelling media: Sculpture. The eight Elements of sculpture – material, place, surface, edge, texture, colours, scale, mass, centre of gravity, volume, space, movement, light and memory – fascinated Sabrina Ferrari in her essential three-dimensional search of expressing all her physicality, ephemerality, love for life and space!

Sabrina’ sculptures are grasped by overwhelming dynamic energy which makes their three-dimensionality come alive and speak to our inner subconscious/unconscious. Her realistic and bold perfection in nature enhances a touching harmony. Her unbeatable force of expression captures oneself as drawn by a magnet. In her Modus Vivendi, as Sabrina recalls her last exhibition, she wants the viewer to feel her sculptures has a “fluid wind of emotions”. One has indeed the urge to move around them and be part of them. One can indeed feel the powerful and fearless roaring of the tiger; the resilient and courageous charging of the bull; the powerful and majestic rhinoceros; and the elegant, impetuous horse’s gallop. The viewer needs to enter into her sculptures while moving away from them as to interact within themselves.

Her sculptures represent our fears, our strengths, our aspirations and our desires; every work of art are meant to touch and to be touched, to walk around, to be climbed over, to be an integral part of our being. The artist began her bronze-foundry work by collaborating with well-known artists from Italy and abroad. The foundry, nicknamed the Lounge, is the most important place where all the ideas are converted into reality; it is the place where the artists can share and exchange their ideas and where casting takes place. “Looking at the vivid fluid lava is one of the most breathtaking experience”, Sabrina’s eyes radiate again… “watching your creation come alive is a touching and an amazing moment”.

Sabrina visits the Lounge once a week while the other days she divides between her family and works in her laboratory; her husband and daughter being her biggest critics and fans, and thousands of inspirations. Her covid isolation was indeed one of her most active moments because she could focus even more on her ideas surrounded by her beloved countryside and nature.

Space has played a very influential and relevant element in all her works of art which underlines the bursting energy feeling conveyed throughout her artistic career. Her fluidity reminds oneself of Boccioni’s unique forms of continuity in space.

She is part of Società Belle Arti di Verona and Fondazione Verona per l’Arena. Sabrina Ferrari has exhibited in the most important exhibitions in Italy, Europe, United States, Australia and Asia. Recently, her research has embraced new materials like corten steel which combined with bronze make her sculptures even more imposing and present. “Let us fling open the figure and let it incorporate within itself whatever may surround it” (Boccioni).  Now one just needs to travel with one’s imagination and let her sculptures be part of oneself…

Enjoy even more @ Sabrina Ferrari Art

Article edit by Carolina Conforti

Art Historian & Art Advisor

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