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The creations of Haute Couture and Haute Joaillerie signed by the Maison Roxana Pansino dictate a code of style marked by aristocratic femininity, charming and delicate at the same time that leaves its mark.

The glamorous, sophisticated and hyper-feminine spirit of Roxana Pansino stages a femme fatale, a perfect lady queen of a retro Thirties style of dresses and jewellery gifts to show off at the red carpets and the most exclusive social events of contemporary luxury.

The brand of the young entrepreneur, refined and talented designer founded with her husband jeweller in 2015, immediately for the double excellence of craftsmanship has been credited with a performance success, such as to confirm the worldwide certification of creations in luxury goods.

The spectacular atelier based in Lugano, in Piazza Indipendenza 11, displays the capsule collection Haute Couture da Grand Soirée which counts on only twelve ultra-luxury outfits, handmade workmanship covered with a vintage allure and at the same time romantic à la Parisienne.

Sartorial accuracy and maniacal perfection, from the choice of the most precious silks to delicate and 100% natural fabrics, that dress a real femme fatale that cannot ignore the elegance of silk and the refined and impalpable transparencies of fabrics in a waltz of deluxe hand embroideries in tulle and organza decorated with a rain of shiny appliques, and pressure embroideries in Swarovski, wefts in antique lace and crepe garnished with real feathers sewn individually.

The glittering and sartorial evening dress by Roxana Pansino, bold long dresses with slippery and clean lines, proposed in various shades ranging from sensual and sexy black, to a pinch of femininity in more vibrant and intense red, to black and white lace, to nude and powder, with the effect of a targeted and structured seduction that plays and passes through the apparent minimalist simplicity of maxidress effect I can not see, from hot romance with generous slits that sinuously mark the lines of the silhouette.

The Haute Couture Roxana Pansino is by the Haute Joaillerie, a squared beauty, which initials unique products marked by the refinement of the forms for the open-worked and filigree processing and materials, demanding for cut and value of the set stones.

The signature solutions of the precious artefacts, extrovert a sophisticated design between rings, brooches, necklace sets and earrings, sautoir multi wires, necklaces and pendants, creations in white gold, pink and yellow 9 and 18 carats, shaped into geometric structures suspended in skilful games of full and empty spaces ranging from spiral-shaped constructions with an icon symbol of DNA surmounted by a diamond, the brand’s logo, to twisted shapes shaped like snakes in a dynamic tension that are declined in a cascade of shimmering pavè of diamonds, emeralds, tanzanites, pearls and rubies with great brilliance.

The philosophy and idea of the luxury of the Maison Roxana Pansino are based on the glamorous charm of the creations, dresses and artefacts/jewel of a thousand and one nights, which compete for the oxygen of our gaze, irresistible, to feel absolutely sexy as a goddess.

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Article edit by @ Krissy Pesciglione-Cuni Grey

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