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Just when you think you have seen it all, Rolex strikes again with an outrageously beautiful watch: The Cosmograph Daytona Rainbow in White Gold.

Sure, Rolex does not need an introduction. Its unique designs and the many technological innovations have turned it into the most sought-after brand watch in the world. And it comes to no surprise that the Daytona Rainbow collection introduces a concept that transforms a watch both into a magnificent timepiece and a fantastic piece of jewelry.

Although its first appearance was back in 2012, this Rolex watch is just as precious as the day it was presented to the world. Gemstones and diamonds became part of Rolex’s design starting with the Zenith Daytona model. But it was not until the Rainbow collection that the gems encrusted on the famous Rolex bezel were set in a way that reproduces the colours of the physical phenomenon that inspired its name.

The watches, part of the Daytona Rainbow collection, are rare and only made in limited numbers, due to the scrupulous craftsmanship and the costly production. And as you can easily imagine, many have tried to copy this model (trying to customize a “plain” Daytona gold watch with after-market precious stones and diamonds). Still, it is more than evident that Rolex’s mastery is unmistakable. The White Gold Rolex Daytona Rainbow that sparks our interest now features the already innovative Rolex Oyster Bracelet with a folding clasp, also in white 18k gold, with a 40mm case from sapphire crystal glass, and an automatic self-winding movement. The bracelet, dial, case and movement are signed, and the hour markers set in diamonds.

But the real marvel of the Daytona Rainbow watch is the sapphire bezel decorated with diamonds, sapphires and rubies. The colour palette starts from vibrant shades of red, purple, chartreuse, orange, green, yellow and blue, turning into paler nuances that gradually blend most naturally and harmoniously. The way the colours of the gemstones intertwine as if mother-nature itself picked them one by one, is the result of painstaking work and a keen eye for colour, an accurate display of the exquisite Rolex craftsmanship.

The White Gold Daytona Rainbow watch is yet another proof that when you hear the name Rolex, it is almost with mathematical precision that another extraordinary timepiece made its way into the world.

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by Claudia Ciclovan

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