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A world that is drastically changing around us, domestic environments have acquired a new central role as multifunctional spaces for life, work and leisure, aimed at maximizing the mental and physical well-being of their occupants. Recently, we had a chance to rethink the home concept and the way we live in it.

In this context, Pininfarina Architecture has created for Corà, the largest distributor of wooden products in Italy, a new Wood Floor Collection, combining different technologies and materials for the creation of parquet flooring with complex geometric patterns inspired by natural elements. The new Parquet Collection aims to give further importance to our homes, seeing them as a retreat of calm in the middle of a fast-paced society: a place to recover yourself, to feel as comfortable as possible, and to reconnect with nature.

Reconnecting with NatureThe idea behind the Collection was to create a continuous flooring blurring the borders between the exterior and interior spaces, thus uniting them into a unique design. This becomes possible thanks to the “contamination” of the wooden surface with ceramic elements that perfectly fit the outdoor use. The new Collection also allows creation of interesting patterns, zoning different areas thanks to the limitless combinations of wooden essences and ceramic finishes.

Homes are places to wonderMiraggio, or mirage, has its roots in a concept of vision, being a sort of optical illusion, a reflection of light that can trick the mind into interpreting the sight as an apparently solid thing. The new Wood Floor Collection called “Miraggio” is inspired by natural ornaments that just like a “miraggio” could be seen differently: like a water surface, with the sparkling cutlines of the wooden floor, or as warm and soft sand, with a gentle pattern created by the wind. This nature-inspired wooden floor design creates a relaxing sensation, aimed to reduce stress by mimicking the feeling of being immersed in nature.

Let home take care of you The quality of the space we live has an impact on our physical to mental well-being. Flooring is an important design element that helps to enhance human well-being by improving interior spaces. As nothing may ever replace wood, nothing can substitute the feeling of walking over the warm and smooth wooden floor surface. The “Miraggio” Collection allows to safely walk barefoot by virtue of the Corà High Care Paint, a special treatment protecting against hygiene enemies.  Thanks to its silver ions particles the special Corà High Care Paint, it creates a natural and lasting barrier, neutralizing the microorganisms that come into contact with the silver ions present on the wood surface.

Pininfarina Architecture & CoràThe presentation of this new wooden floor collection represents the first step in a long-term collaboration between Corà and Pininfarina Architecture, which envisages the development of a new product range over the next years.

Technical Partner The Union of Ceramic and Wooden surfaces has required a particular technical solution that became possible thanks to the Laminam support. Laminam is one of the largest ceramic slab producers who has revolutionized the world of ceramic production, creating large-format surfaces of minimal thickness. Its wide offer of ceramic finishes definitely enriched the Miraggio Collection.

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