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The 100th manufactured example of the Pilatus PC-24 has been delivered earlier this year to European operator Jetfly Aviation. Jetfly Aviation, a European operator in the private aviation sector, took delivery earlier this month of the 100th manufactured example (since its entry into service in February 2018) of the Pilatus PC-24 light business-jet.

Powered by two Williams International FJ44-4A turbofans, the Pilatus PC-24 can accommodate up to 10 passengers in a flat-floor cabin with a volume of almost 15 cubic metres. Current models are equipped with a “modular in-flight catering facility” or galley located in the bow. A closed vacuum toilet with external service is standard.

A unique feature of the PC-24 is the large rear cargo door, which measures 129.24 cm X 124.46 cm, while the baggage compartment is accessible in flight. Honeywell’s Epic system provides avionics. Called Pilatus Advanced Cockpit Environment, it interfaces with the pilots via four 12-inch displays. Operators can fly to many airports, as the PC-24 is approved for take-off and landing on small airfields and grass surfaces, as well as sand and snow.

They say – “All our customers, without exception, have been impressed by the quality of the PC-24 and the incredible performance of this aircraft,” said Cédric Lescop, CEO of Jetfly. “After two years of operation, our customers are still enthusiastic about this aircraft, which is a sign for us of the success of this new aircraft programme, which is well on its way to becoming another market bestseller, just like the PC-12 was.

We have hit the target with the PC-24,” said Pilatus President Oscar Schwenk, “I am very encouraged by such high demand. Orders are already sold out for 2021 but are open for deliveries from 2022 onwards. The investment in the PC-24 helps us to secure jobs at our Swiss site in the long term. We are also working on further optimisations.

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