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After the “Best Artisan Colomba in Italy” Award in 2019 and the exploit of Colomba online sales in 2020, the historic pastry shop in Arzignano presents itself this year with a confirmation and a tasty novelty. The confirmation is the Colomba Classica, awarded in 2019 and “best seller” the following year; the mouth-watering novelty is the new flavours.

It remains my favourite and also the most desired by customers,” says Nicola Olivieri. “A product that expresses to the full our philosophy of very soft and balanced leavening. The sugar content is reduced to a minimum, and each ingredient is of the highest quality, resulting in a product with a clean, recognisable taste. It is our signature in Italy but also abroad”.

A history of more than a century, starting with Luigi Olivieri, who opened the first bakery. It was later Bianco Olivieri, Oliviero’s father. He first opened a bakery and then a more extensive workshop from which, around the 1970s, he was the first to sell Pan Biscotto and packaged biscuits, while his wife Miranda began producing the first baked goods. With his father’s untimely death, Oliviero, just eighteen years old, together with his wife Patrizia, took over the shop and laboratory where he had grown up, adding the cafeteria. He was joined by his son Nicola – with his wife Michela – in 2006, working on a project that linked body and soul to the family’s outstanding excellence: leavening.

A history of growth and development right up to the present day, when the range was extended. This decision resulted from the international success of Olivieri 1882’s leavened products last year, particularly its panettone. And so the new delicious flavours are born, alongside the classic, the Easter cake par excellence:

  • Apple, sultanas and cinnamon – A combination that recalls the taste of strudel and brings the mountains to mind
  • Apricot and caramel – A continuous chase between sweetness
  • Amarena – Embellished with soft juicy amarena cherries
  • Peach – Candied peaches together with almond glaze create a balanced and unique flavour
  • White chocolate and berries – Handcrafted semi-candied berries blend with the sweetness of 35% Ivoire chocolate
  • Chocolate and pear – Filled with candied pears and 55% dark chocolate pearls
  • Tre Cioccolati – Stuffed with Valrhona white, milk and dark chocolate for a taste explosion

Apart from taste and personal preferences, Olivieri 1882 products are entirely handcrafted and made exclusively by hand, as tradition dictates, after four days of processing, including more than 48 hours dedicated to natural maturation. The long leavening and the use of top quality raw materials make Colomba Olivieri 1882 rich but extremely digestible, without preservatives, semi-finished products, flavourings and vegetable fats. A cloud of butter, eggs and flour-covered with a glaze of almonds, hazelnuts, pine nuts and sugar. The peculiarity of Colomba Olivieri 1882 is the use of the highest quality products; the initial light crunchiness is followed by an extreme softness for a surprising structure, while the taste is at the same time elegant and strong.

Numerous awards in the world of pastry and leavening:

  • In 2017, it was included in the Best Breakfasts in Italy classification, with the coveted Tre Chicchi Gambero Rosso award for the excellence of its café offer and the Tre Tazzine award for the restaurant’s breakfast offer.
  • the Chocolate Panettone reached the national podium in 2019
  • Colomba Olivieri awarded as Best Artisan Dove of Italy 2019
  • Olivieri 1882 has also been mentioned in the Pastry & Confectionery Guide 2021 with two cakes.
  • Olivieri 1882’s panettone has been mentioned in the New York Times and the Boston Globe.

Olivieri 1882 leavened products, with their signature softness and high digestibility, are available for direct purchase in the Arzignano premises. You can also buy as well in the stores in Italy and abroad that have chosen to offer Olivieri 1882 products and finally reach just about everyone through the e-commerce that ships worldwide, with free delivery in Italy and the United States.

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Edit by Nadia Toppino

Food, Wine & Hospitality consultant

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