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This elegant hotel, which is in Macau, is not like your ordinary hotel. When you enter this hotel, you will be face to face with living spaces that look futuristic, which are innovatively designed to outdo the things you need.

Their restaurant choice is one of a kind, having two of the world-class chefs, Alain Ducasse and also Pierre Herme in the house. The hotel has a lounge collection and built with some great panoramic views that you can enjoy while at a Chinese restaurant called Yi, which is located on the sky bridge. There are so many wonderful and exciting things that this hotel has. 

If you are planning to visit this magical hotel, this article will give you more information about it.

The Premier King Room

This sanctuary is 58 square meters that are beautifully crafted, timeless materials blends well with it and the combination of its bespoke furniture, within your stay you can also enjoy the exclusive amenities. It includes a range of premium innovative touches devices: a room control tablet, the bathroom door is operated with sensors, both the bedroom and bathroom have LED TVs. The room has Hermes toiletries, and of course, the room also has a king-sized bed.

The Premier King Loft

This is a 66 square meter luxury room; the sanctuary also blends with the timeless materials and the combination of bespoke furniture and everything else, but the combination of the crafted loft space also suits it. The items from the previous room are also available in this room.

The Premier Suite

The Premier Suite is also 66 square meters. The materials used for this elegant space are very exquisite. The bedroom is separated with seamlessly sweeping lines, with a lounge area, a bar fridge that’s from floor to ceiling and an entertainment cabinet that is custom-built. The suite has modern features like a heated floor, a hairdryer from Dyson, displays from Samsung, and a lot more. 

The Yi

This restaurant is located on the sky bridge from the 21st floor. You can enjoy your fine dining while seeing the beautiful sky. The food is from many regions in China so you will certainly get the entire taste of the country. In Macau, it’s the first-ever restaurant to offer multi-course menus daily. 

The Voyages by Alain Ducasse

This restaurant focuses on classic flavors from France, it also showcases a generous approach of bistro favorites. Their dessert menu is filled with flavorful temptations, and there is also a bar available inside the voyage.

The Pierre Herme Lounge

This is the restaurant where Pierre presents his original creations. Pastry making was revolutionized by Pierre Herme with its taste and modernity. If you’re a big fan of sweets, this is the perfect place to be. 

Morpheus Hotel is the most exciting hotel. You will love the full experience while visiting China because they also have an art gallery, a fitness club, a spa and a salon for everyone. Go visit the Morpheus hotel now!

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by Antoine Bernard

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