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Designed for the U.S. market only… will build the McLaren Sabre in just 15 units. The engine? An 835hp, 349kph V8! As extreme as practically all the cars from Woking. The McLaren Sabre is a hypercar that the British manufacturer has created – signing it with its M.S.O. division – in a limited run of 15 units exclusively for the American market.

WANTED BY THE U.S.A. FOR THE U.S.A. Strongly requested by McLaren Beverly Hills, the McLaren Sabre (one of the cars commissioned through the Bespoke Commission programme, which personally involved the customers in defining the car’s style and characteristics, to the point that they tested it in prototype form at the Thermal Club circuit before production began) featured extreme aerodynamics that obviously corresponded to exaggerated performance: how to keep a fast car glued to the ground.

The tail wing profile (supplemented by L.E.D.s) is inspired by the one used on the Senna G.T.R. (as is much of the car’s function-oriented styling) and is aided by a central “fin” to channel flows.

THE V8 DEVELOPS 835 hp – Not much is known about this McLaren Sabre – about which the manufacturer has not divulged much data – other than that the 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 is capable of developing 835 hp, allowing the British hypercar to reach a top speed of 349 km/h.

Price? The price has not been announced, but it is inevitable that – with only 15 examples worldwide – it will become highly sought-after by collectors and, as a result, its market value will increase shortly. Anyone wishing to have one in their garage for years to come will be willing to spend whatever it takes! Wealthy collectors are warned: blank cheques are in order!

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 Article edited by Alessandro Colombo

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