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Fashion Fades; Only Style remains the Same (Coco Chanel). This is also the philosophy and the vision that has made MarosEtti Luxury Bags an icon of Style. Behind this Brand, there is an independent, fashion-conscious woman, Els Demeersman. She manages and supervises all the business in all its parts. Her true passion for the fashion world and Italian products has let her work for several years in the fashion business with brands located in North Italy.

Thanks to this experience, she discovered major well-known Italian fashion brands, from handbags, shoes and jewellery. For her project, she realizes this was the place to be!

To understand more about the success of MarosEtti, it is important to know more about Els Demeersman. Since her young age, she was attracted to art in all its forms, from contemporary to modern. She is also interested in calligraphy, and she enjoys working with the shapes of different letters. But Fashion is and remains her true passion.

Is simply lovely to listen Els when she told us (during the interview) when she was 15y.o., she took the flared trousers of her older brother and cut them up to make a three-quarter length pair of trousers with a narrow waist; less than a year later and it was a fashion trend.

Italy gave her the boost of founding what she has been looking for. Inspired by Nature and following by the imagination, she found the vision to create new designs; they are are a harmonious interaction of various elements, brought together to make a whole. So the idea of designing MarosEtti handbags was born.

These exclusive and luxury bags are looking for an independent woman with a love of Fashion and sustainable products. They have a timeless look with a romantic touch, the classic bags all women like to have in their wardrobe because, for any occasion, MarosEtti Bags will carry the right bag.

Each one of these bags is made with high quality, soft Italian leather. She takes care of all parts and is supervised by them to insure great final results. Also, all the metal accessories are designed by Els Demeersman and then produced by them… These exclusive bags are made from Italian organic leather. Watching all collection, we are simply fascinated by these beautiful bags, with a contemporary, modern touch that makes them unique.

All the bags are designed in Belgium, and then they are individually handmade in Italy. To prove to be timeless items, immune to the vagaries of Fashion, MarosEtti stands for simplicity and Style! These are the secrets that make MarosEtti Handbags Timeless… It is a classic, but with contrasting colours, simply ideal for working during the day or to a party in the evening. The add-on accessory (or skirt) are available separately. Passion marks are inside of each bag, fuchsia-coloured leather of the highest quality.

This beautiful journey in MarosEtti World has let us understand so much about this Brand. We asked to conclude this fantastic experience with a final mind from the creator of this dream, Els Demeersman. She said to us: I love to feel things deep in my soul. I am only able to create when I have found peace inside myself. That’s why I chose the name ME. Only then can my thoughts and ideas flow freely. Discreet luxury, that’s what I love”.

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Article edit by Alessia Castelli

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