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Maitia in Basque means love/beloved and this name was carefully chosen by Mrs. Marie-Luce Orbiscay, the creator of this jewelry brand, to honour her family’s origins. Maitia is a bridge connecting a lot of different worlds and visions towards a common goal: ecological responsibility and sustainability. Marie-Luce knows Spanish very well because she spent her youth in South America and in many other countries all over the world. She traveled a lot, nourishing her imagination with simple and natural things. Then she turned to jewelry.

A new star was born!

During our interview she explained to me: “Born in France, I grew up in South America. We were based in Buenos Aires then in Caracas but I spent all my free time traveling around Latin America. I’ve always been an absolute fan of jewels and gems:  Pre-Columbian art, in particular, impressed me a lot. I keep fond memories of pieces discovered at the Bogota Gold Museum where I went there several times… I studied drawing and gouaché jewelry design at the Haute École de Joaillerie de Paris six years ago.  I decided that if I changed my previous job it would have to be towards what I loved more: jewelry”. In my opinion the ring Amor infinito is the symbol of this Maison: it features a diamond bridge that unites two banks of an imaginary river flowing with joy and happiness.

Amor infinito ring Caravan collection 18K Yellow or Rose Gold. 24 FVS natural diamonds – 0.49 Kt

We must point out that the metals used by Maitia are exclusively recycled or fair mined and the stones are selected by talented gemmologists engaged ethically in the respect of mankind and nature.

Stars ring in white brushed gold and white mother of Pearl.

This Etoiles (stars) ring belongs to Nouveau Monde (New World) collection and is made in hammered silver and white mother of pearl. Love is deeply connected to stars. Many poems and song are written about the admiration inspired by stars. Is there anything more immortal? For this reason, stars may symbolize everlasting love. How many times have you gazed up into the heavens and made a love wish!

Stars ring in pink hammered gold et black agate.

But life sometimes can be like a coffee bean, very simple and fragrant. The harmonious shapes of the trees in the coffee plantations come to life in the memories of Marie-Luce. The joy, the smells and the flavours of the new world are always in her mind and never forgotten.

Coffee bean ring diamonds & gold and three natural diamonds FVS Caravan collection.

Life is also rebirth and purification like a lotus, also known as water lily, the symbol of the soul’s blossoming. Its flower is a cherished symbol in many Eastern traditions. Growing naturally in ponds, the lotus starts out rooted in mud and in order to blossom it is obliged to make its way through the murky water until it finally breaks the surface.  It is also a source of inspiration to overcome obstacles, a  symbol of independence and strength. For sure, Marie-Luce had intended for a strong, free woman to wear this ring. A woman who wishes to have this beautiful flower constantly by her, a focal point of her meditation during the day.

Lotus ring pink gold et grey mother of Pearl, New World collection.
Lotus earrings in gold and lapis lazuli, New World collection.

In the Chants des Sirènes (Siren song)  collection the style is completely different and these Baila hoop earrings are deconstructed and colourful. The term baila means: “let’s dance” and it’s like an invitation to enjoy life and its colours.

Siren Song collection : Baila hoops Emma version in gold et fine stones.

I asked Marie-Luce what kind of woman she is targeting for her jewels and she replied: “My jewelry is worn by women of all ages. My youngest client is 20 years old and wears Pretty Fish earrings and my oldest customer bought a star ring in hammered rose gold and black Agathe for her 90th birthday. My jewels fit women who like beautiful creations without necessarily looking for a known Signature. On the other hand, I think they are sensitive to the ethical commitment of the brand.”

Pretty fish earrings gold, topaz and garnet.

The poetry of Matia Jewelry – her love of nature, the relationship between the natural world and the individual self, and the importance of being pure and spontaneous like children – makes me think of a very famous poem written by a great romantic poet, William Wordsworth.

“My Heart leaps up when I behold

a rainbow in the sky:

so was it when my life began;

so is it now I am a man;

so be it when I shall grow old,

or let me die!

the child is father of the man;

and I could wish my days to be

bound each to each by natural piety”.

Discover Maïtia World @ Maïtia France

Article edit by Laura Astrologo Porché

IG: @journaldesbijoux

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