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Not just a magazine. At the stroke of two years since its online birth, celebreMagazine expands its identity to that of a real luxury hub.

The continuous scouting for excellence on a global scale, multifaceted and across all luxury sectors, goes beyond the editorial approach and pulls back the curtain on the experience offered by the luxury products themselves: a development already inherent in the DNA of celebreMagazine that since its debut has been characterised by the central themes of beauty and excellence, paying tribute to brands known to the general public and at the same time shining a spotlight on niche ones unknown to the majority.

This is our Luxury Showcase,  an array of carefully selected brands immediately accessible to our readers, who have the opportunity to purchase products directly from their e-stores. celebreMagazine was born for this, an initiative that provides a platform for the whole universe that arises from the luxury mindstyle, our desire fuelled further as we were urged on by those same brands par excellence eager to reach out to their representatives.

But let’s start at the beginning. Everything is just a click away. Like all showcases, celebreMagazine’s Luxury Showcase is also divided into sections: first of all, we have jewellery and watches, continuing with fashion and the world of art, then exploring beauty and gourmet, and ending with culture. There is a custom preview of the photo gallery of each brand, which can be viewed in full by registering for free to create a username and password.

Now, let’s take a closer look. Jewellery and watches shine for their creativity and originality, whether the style is more contemporary or classic, depending on the mood of the Maison that offers them. There are artists who offer unique pieces, even on commission, inspired by timeless elegance. And there are bursts of vibrant energy expressed through shapes that are as edgy as they are conceptually interesting. The watchword is not to go unnoticed.

Fashion is a space that opens the doors to clothing, accessories and everything that gravitates towards the style universe. Diktat are handmade with an air of exclusivity that breaks the moulds of large-scale production.

Art World is a pillar that could not fail to appeal, given the energetic content of the celebreMagazine on art and its protagonists, and the constant overviews of exhibitions, shows and trade fairs in the print edition. Painting and sculpture narrate the world through the eyes and emotions of the artists.

The Beauty factor is present with skincare that mixes technology and nature in the now-familiar field of cosmeceuticals. A corner that is also the home of fragrance essences and everything that revolves around personal care.

Gourmet was another must-have, one of those sectors that, between chefs, restaurants and first-rate products, we have presided over with great enthusiasm right from the start. We welcome products of the highest quality that satisfy the most demanding palates, the finest noses and the most sophisticated demands.

And finally, the area dedicated to all sources of excellence in the Library with the special opportunity to peruse both present and past print editions of celebreMagazine. A corner that we wanted to dedicate to ourselves for having made our magazine a collector’s item, using the finest paper and selecting luxury hotels and airport VIP lounges as the channel of distribution.

Welcome to our Luxury Showcase, where luxury is, first and foremost, a state of mind.

Edit by Claudia Chiari

Editorial Director celebreMagazine World

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