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Les Anges Gardiens de Monaco is a charitable association working every day for more than 14 years, contributing concretely and effectively to the fight against poverty. A benevolent association born thanks to the founder, Bruna Maule Cassio, a slender and tiny woman with sky-blue eyes that shine with their light, transmit at first sight all her charisma, her serenity and above all, her great desire to get involved.

A businesswoman in charge of many boutiques for more than 30 years in Monaco, French Riviera and Spain. She lived a fulfilling life on all fronts, especially from work and love life. In few words… a fulfilled and happy woman.  As a novel story, Bruna’s life, catapulted into a whirlwind of vicissitudes due to unexpected divorce, makes her let herself be carried away in the most profound loneliness and total anguish, closing more and more in her ego and her person, up to the point of incisively compromising her health.

Thanks to the important support from family and two people close to her in Monaco, Bruna was able to get back “on her legs” and return more combatively than before. Ready to take her life back in hand, she decided that something had to change. So she gave up this comfortable situation to dedicate herself to the neediest people. Every Monday evening, Bruna, together with her volunteers and thanks to 8 renowned restaurants of the Principality of Monaco, meet in Nice to distribute hot meals to all those people who unfortunately live in the greatest poverty.

The help of Les Anges Gardiens to families and people living in poverty and difficulties goes far beyond the distribution of food and the solidarity that distinguishes this association. They can intervene even in the most severe cases, providing for “considerable” needs, such as paying rent to avoid eviction and providing a roof to live under for families who were forced to live on the streets and pay their utilities. They do their best to buy sleeping bags to give to people who sleep on the streets in a state of total abandonment. Bruna receives every day about fifteen requests for help. She is a woman of heart but also very conscientious. Follows personally every single case reported to her, informing herself, checking, and, when all the elements are clear and “in her hands”, she does everything possible so that no one is left in a situation of discomfort. Bruna is like this; solidarity has become for her and herself, a way of life.

H.R.H. Princess Camilla De bourbon of the Two Sicilies has supported our cause for years and is always at our side. As soon as her schedule allows, she comes on tour to Nice with the volunteers of the Guardian Angels of Monaco. The exceptional ambassador of this association is the beautiful Swedish model Victoria Silvstedt, who supports, encourages, and follows the team during the tours in Nice and the various events.

Victoria is an indispensable presence and helps Les Anges Gardiens de Monaco and the many sponsors and partners supporting this association. Many are the volunteers who in different ways “walk” alongside Bruna, a united group, a big family that stands in the front row to help those who have been less fortunate and those who need help or support.

Many are the charitable initiatives organized to raise funds exclusively to help families living in extreme poverty; many are the initiatives that Bruna and her volunteers have done, do, and will do with love. Undoubtedly, many will still be helped by these fantastic and irreplaceable angels.

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Article edit by @ Krissy Pesciglione-Cuni Grey

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