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Lawyer Giuseppe Cavallaro, Hight Court Lawyer and University Professor, founder of the law firm Studio Legale Cavallaro, won the “Legal Community Award 2021” as Lawyer of the year for litigation and arbitration. The Firm has decades of professional experience in civil and corporate law, contributing to its continual updating and correct application. This essential contribution in this field is also due to the presence of four lawyers and three trainee lawyers, who allow the firm to protect the company at 360 degrees, allowing a quick resolution of any problem in corporate affairs.

The lawyer, thanks to the structure of his law firm, excelled among all the firms participating in award 2021, for his ability to interface with both private entities, especially small and medium-sized companies, and public authorities. This success is also the result of his international reputation, particularly with the Middle East, as he is one of the few Italian lawyers who can boast of having a professional firm on-site and the highest level of cooperation with government institutions.

The “Lawyer of the year” award was achieved thanks to the intervention of Studio Cavallaro, for an important contribution in the field of S.G.R. (Savings Management Company) and company law, considering that serious damage to the defended company was avoided, given the presence of a preliminary purchase agreement signed five years ago with the parties in dispute.  Lawyer Cavallaro’s skill is evident in his complete knowledge of corporate matters, which enabled him to provide complete legal protection for the client who had turned to the firm after past professional activities that were unfortunately full of failures.

Cavallaro has demonstrated in court, crystallising and innovating the case law on the subject, that one cannot proceed urgently using the procedural instrument, a typical act of a purely marginal nature, governed by art. 700 c.p.c., if there is not the presence of the preconditions of “fumus boni iuris” and periculum in mora. These elements must be present from the outset of the submission of the claim; Lawyer Cavallaro’s extensive knowledge of the subject and the concrete case have enabled his team to have an overview and reject any claim and eliminate any reasonable doubt on the claim under consideration, in its favour.

This important contribution, innovative in the corporate field, has seen him as the protagonist for the prestigious award, gaining great success in the legal community, demonstrating once again how the preparation and strong tailoring of the lawyer’s intervention allows to have the desired result and to fulfil the assignment.

The correct interpretation of the law allowed him to stand out among the best in the field of corporate matters, thus being the right winner of the review.

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Article edit by Massimo Basile

Editorial Director @ celebreMagazine – Monaco Woman – Rinascimento Magazine 

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