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Castagnola Heritage 9.9 is a timeless boat because it combines craftsmanship and avant-garde, a combination of classic wood and the use of fibreglass and carbon fibre. Made for journeys with a limited radius, it is suitable for weekend trips, comfortable and easy to handle. Born from Gabriele Maestri’s idea, owner of the “Castagnola Yacht” founded in 1974 by Giovanni Castagnola based in Lavagna, famous for the quality and beauty of its wooden boats.


The Castagnola Heritage 9.9 is an innovation in its construction with the use of wood and carbon fibre. It presents itself in its beauty combining aesthetics and functionality with high-quality construction methods, easy to use and simple to maintain, has high levels of comfort and respect for the environment. All its quality has been studied to maintain tradition and innovation, visible in the design. The engineer Maestri has dedicated himself to combining the modern technologies that make up the boat with the beauty and functionality of wood; the method used starts from mahogany on which WTS technology is used, a thin layer of epoxy infused carbon fibre. The ash used for the frames, subject to WEST technology used to waterproof, is then reinforced with marine mahogany plywood. The internal structures are exposed and painted with water-based paint.


The design and assembly process has been created by a 3D software that has been precisely cut with CAD technology. This very efficient technique is fundamental to reduce the design time without ever taking away the wood’s natural charm. The design has modern shapes, and clean lines giving elegance to the whole structure. Materials such as glossy teak give classicism a harmonious balance between geometry and elements that recall the marine effect. The spaces are well distributed for comfort during the hours spent on this wonderful boat.


As far as the technical part is concerned, it weighs 6 tons, has 2 Yanmar 320 HP engines and is equipped with pods with a cruising speed of 34 knots, reaching a top speed of 40 knots. It has a flow rate of 170 NM at 30 knots, allowing it to maintain optimum water stability on the first crossings, resulting in the smooth movement even at high speeds. The soundproofing of the 2 engines allows the boat to remain extremely quiet, thanks to the wood’s quality, which does not transmit vibrations to the liveable areas inside the hull.


Francesco Rogantin’s “Names” was provided by the naval architecture, who collaborated to build this model in the Italian shipyard of Lavagna. The Heritage 9.9 yacht, with attention to every detail, is synonymous with study and technique to achieve excellent performance in terms of navigation and maintenance. The hull’s outer surface is made of solid mahogany, coated with carbon fibre and resin, a pair of materials that, although very different from each other, combined create a perfect structure for this type of yacht.


With its classic line reminiscent of a boat from another era, modern in its spaces and with contemporary materials and techniques, it is a charm distributed on a planing boat that makes it an exclusive product, a jewel of the Made in Italy boating industry.


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Article edit by Antonella Malizia

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