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A project, a vision and a mission. All this and much more encapsulates the ambitious and prestigious Gheparo art project. A perfect mix of the passions by 25-year-old young visionary Matteo Turco, who found a source of inspiration in 2013 when he started working in the family business “Origini” where they design and create all things that we can define as interior design.

His work is “true love” for him and he carries it out with dedication. Everything around him attracts him and gives daily stimuli for those that will later take shape in “Gheparo”. Admiring his “living” works, one might think that he is attracted by artistic currents and works of art, but in reality, this is not the case, as he absolutely prefers the world of fashion, from which Gheparo draws and is inspired.

The project was born from a personal need, putting together everything that stimulates and excites him and transporting it into his well-defined project, both conceptually and visually. Gheparo is the sum of the passions that Matteo has thus enclosed in a name and a project. Always of great interest to him is the world of fashion (considered to all intents and purposes an art form), his great artistic quest is to create real forms of design. This is why, for Matteo, a Gheparo is like a piece of furniture, almost to be “worn” in order to reflect who we are, in the same way as a piece of clothing reflects personalities.

The care and attention he devotes to details are almost maniacal, not only in Gheparo’s creations but also in everything from packaging to presentation. He loves the combination of colours and different materials, always looking for new ones, never taking anything for granted. A level of excellence that combines rich and distinctive materials, glossy and matte finishes, studded details and unique contrasts of light and shadow. From everything mentioned, his great passion for felines certainly shines through… for him, they have always been perfect figures, majestic and strong, but at the same time elegant in their movements and postures.

He does not like to be called an artist but rather a creative director. He puts the various pieces together like a puzzle; he chooses elements that, combined with an idea, can give life to something new and unique. He also strongly wanted Gheparo to become a real brand, taking the project forward, making the brand more and more concrete, taking care of it and improving it. Exclusive, timeless works with the desire to go beyond the world around us.

His vision is to create fewer and fewer works each year in order to be able to treat them as well as possible until they excite the public thanks to the perfection that he defines as almost hypnotic, making each Gheparo more and more desired by connoisseurs and amateurs of this excellence.

All this is Gheparo.

Article edit by Massimo Basile

Editorial Director @ celebreMagazine – Monaco Woman

Rinascimento Magazine – Il Masaniello Magazine

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