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The exhibition that Mazzoleni Foundation had organised, choosing to start from the “GreenGolf”, ended with great acclaimed success (Thursday 16 September)… An exhibition “The Big Apple” hosted by the Club-House Franciacorta Golf Club… among woods and vineyards, a stone’s throw from Lake Iseo. The wealth of water in this Franciacorta enclave has been exploited by the architects and designers, who have created a technically challenging and fascinating course that is, at the same time. “Gentle” is like the territory that hosts it and is perfectly integrated into the surrounding natural context.

And it is in this splendid setting that, with remarkable synergy, this beautiful artistic and cultural project was realised. This is how “The Big Apple” has been built up, with the exhibition of eight major works by the undisputed master of American Pop Art Andy Warhol.

Together with him, also the great photographer Maurizio Galimberti with a collection of Polaroid New York and finally the original artist Milena Bini, known for her sculptures in the shape of an apple. A combination of works of art, with a different style, but united by a single “mood” entitled The Big Apple. Three realities that bring together the highest expression of art in its multiple realisations.

It was a great occasion, a unique event where spectators were able to admire the works selected and exhibited in a prestigious location, in total relaxation and surrounded by greenery. The event was strongly supported by Simona Occioni, President of the Mazzoleni Foundation, which promotes cultural events with artists of international renown and pays great attention to new emerging artists, following them in their artistic and professional development process.

A long series of prestigious exhibitions are programmed throughout the year in prestigious public settings addressing an international audience.

Article edit by Alexander Elisab

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