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We are always pleased to entertain our reader in love with art, but today we are definitely sure to surprise them talking about this Extraordinary Artist with a completely new and futuristic vision of the Pop Art. An Exclusive interview to the Great Artist Francesca Falli for celebreMagazine World. Let’s go to discover the Art World of Francesca…

Hi Francesca, welcome and thanks for your availability. To our readers who want to know you as an artist, what would you tell them?

I’ve been interested in art practically all my life, I’ve been painting since I was a child, but I still don’t feel like an “artist”. I always need creative stimuli; I always want to study the greats of art history. When I create a feeling of freedom pervades me, I dream about my ideas, sometimes at night I have to get out of bed and turn on the computer so as not to lose the creative phase.

L’Aquila is a beautiful city, and for some years now, for the tragic events we all know, it has been at the centre of the Italian chronicles. What has been the role of art in relaunching confidence and hope since the April 2009 earthquake?

In 2009 – the year of the earthquake in L’Aquila – I gave up. Creating seemed useless to me as I had much bigger problems to solve: the thought of the destroyed house, the removals, the need to rebuild an inner life made me inactive for years. The people who love me, my family, my closest friends convinced me to resume my artistic activity, reinventing myself and inventing an artistic style completely different from the one I had before (when I used brushes, glue and tar to create material works). Honestly, I wouldn’t say I like to talk about the earthquake; it seems to me as if I wanted to use this tragic event to make people talk about me and my works. The role of art in these years for me has been to tell through my works the confusion, the disorientation, the new urban landscape. If I look out the window, I see only cranes and elevators. I see workers with helmets, and I see the city reborn. The 2009 earthquake was a clear factor of change. As I no longer had my studio and consequently could no longer “get my hands dirty” I have been stuck without producing for years. I started working again in 2014, taking advantage of my experience as a graphic designer and creating works first on paper and then elaborated on the computer.

Can you tell us about your latest works and the work in progress?

My latest creations are “computer collages”. I use many elements, icons that tell my moods, symbols and elements that tell my ever-changing life. I like to bring my thoughts to life and transport them to my works. I like to work with mirrors because the mirror is without me and without mind, my latest research is aimed at word games that refer to the great names of the artists who have marked history. For example, my last works are entitled Pollok, Poll_gauguin, Jo soy Pollok, Cha-Gall , me and the Pollo. What I notice and what makes me very happy is that there are some figurative artists, who used to work only with landscapes and portraits, who are now inspired by my way of working. Often, when I put my works on Facebook, I notice that artists are watching me. After one day they create works with the same chromatic scale and elements that they had never used before and that are only present in my paintings, I feel very studied and copied, both in the words I use and in style and this makes me happy.

How would you define your painting style? Are there any artists you are inspired by?

I can define my graphic/pictorial/computerized style. I work a lot with psychic automatism. I love Andy Warhol, practically all my life, but I also seek inspiration in the works of Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns, Roy Lichtenstein.

How was your passion for painting and art born?

I would say as a child, my maternal grandfather – with whom I used to paint – passed on to me his love and passion for art. I was in love with Warhol. The atmosphere I breathed in my grandfather’s atelier fascinated me, also because there passed through established artists, collectors, art lovers.

Why do you think art, painting and sculpture are important today and should they be promoted and followed by people?

In my opinion, every form of expression is important; people should follow art to know our history but also get excited.

What would you recommend to young women who want to try their hand at your profession? What are the three most important tips you would like to give?

  • The first piece of advice I would like to give is to study the great masters of art history. If you put a brush in a monkey’s hand, he too can make abstract work, but then, he cannot explain it and does not understand why he created it.
  • The second advice is to believe in dreams.
  • The third piece of advice is to always look for new stimuli.

Where can your fans follow you?

I am not a very social person, as my young artist friends say. Sometimes I put my works on Facebook, I don’t always publish my whole activity, because, for me, art is something of mine, it’s something intimate.

What projects do you have in mind for the near future?

Combine digital collages with manual collages, but to implement this project, I have to wait for my art workshop to be rebuilt.

One last question Francesca, let’s imagine that you are facing a large audience of teenagers from a high school in your city. The theme of the symposium is figurative art and painting in particular. What would you say to them to capture their attention? What are the three main themes that you think should be addressed in order to get young minds passionate about art, beauty and culture?

I have already lived this experience, and I was able to involve the children by telling them about art in a playful atmosphere. Bringing children closer to art is a very difficult challenge, and you should be able to interest them without boring them.

Edit by Andrea Giostra 

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