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There are organisations, such as the Majid Foundation, that make an important contribution to society, encouraging and rewarding talent and merit. “Maison Majid” was founded on 2019 in Ascona, it is a three-storey building located in Via Borgo 7, and it is home to the namesake foundation, which is not for profit, but rather to encourage, support and reward young artists, researchers and inventors belonging to different ethnic groups and religions, who develop interesting and innovative projects in various fields of knowledge.

In our society, young people are rarely at the centre of the interests of adults; they are little considered and not much time is devoted to them, except in the school environment. The Majid Foundation, on the other hand, believes that they are the engine of our future and aims to support them in carrying out their own projects, be them artistic, literary, scientific, ecological/environmental, without any political propaganda purposes.

The recommendations, proposed by universities, public bodies and institutions, are evaluated by an internal scientific commission. Three projects have already been developed; one of them is an important study on Alzheimer’s disease, reported by the University of Edinburgh. The second project is an idea of a young novice writer who managed to make his dream come true by publishing “Pitaya and the Fruits of the Dragon”, a metaphor for the precious moment of transition into adulthood. The third work concerns dance and theatre, Progetto Trampolino, Multidisciplinary Residence Centre already approved by MiBAC, Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities in Italy.

During the year, many cultural events are set up in the beautiful spaces of the headquarters, a place of listening, and not only of the exhibition. Dance, conferences, and exhibits enrich the knowledge of a loyal and numerous public. Among the proposals presented last autumn/winter, a great success was achieved by “Cinema and Philosophy” festival, which will be held again this year, together with San Raffaele University of Milan, Department of Philosophy.

A great success for the Foundation Majid, the celebration the 700th anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri. The extraordinary 100 Artworks by the Spanish Artist Salvador Dalì represent ‘La Divina Commedia’. These artworks have been exhibited at the Foundation Majid in Ascona until the end of March 2021 for the very first time ever in Switzerland. In 1950, the Italian Government commissioned the Salvatore Dalí to illustrate the greatest masterpiece of Italian literature: “La Divina Commedia”. Salvatore Dali, like Dante, travels through hundred water coloured woodcuts to illustrate this famous manuscript in his very unique and biblical Surrealistic key. Foundation Majid has once again enhanced its inner artistic core message: to be the undisputed witness of art.

The thought that moves the Majid Foundation revolves around young people, the future of society, our future, and it accompanies them by supporting them and helping them to achieve the autonomy that is part of their identity. An inscription appears on the wall of the reception area: this is the slogan of Majid, with which we want to conclude: Walk on with hope in your heart, and you never walk alone.

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Article edit by Stefania Abbruzzo

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