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Business travel is an important market. For leisure or work, private Jet requests are growing up constantly.  Following this important market request, Dassault Aviation announced an all-new Falcon jet that will deliver a level of comfort, versatility and technology unmatched by any purpose-built business jet.  Featuring a range of 7,500 nautical miles, the Falcon 10X will fly nonstop from New York to Shanghai, Los Angeles to Sydney, Hong Kong to New York or Paris to Santiago. The top speed will be Mach 0.925.

“Today we are introducing a new benchmark in business aviation,” said Dassault Chairman and CEO Eric Trappier. “The Falcon 10X will offer an unrivalled passenger experience over both short- and long-duration flights, along with breakthrough safety features from Dassault’s frontline fighter technology. We have optimized every aspect of the aircraft with the passenger in mind and established a new level of capability for ultra-long-range aircraft.”

The high end of the large business jet category has a new leader. With the sheer size and infinite layout possibilities of its cabin, the Falcon 10X elevates comfort, style, and flexibility beyond all expectations. And next-generation military technologies have endowed it with the beating heart of a fighter, with astounding safety innovations.

You can be sure that its 7,500 nm (13,900 km) range and a maximum speed of Mach .925 will help keep you in the lead. The Falcon 10X has a cabin cross-section larger than some regional commercial jets, allowing for new layout possibilities. The 10X cabin is 6 feet, 8 inches (2.03 m) tall and 9 feet, 1 inch wide (2.77 m). It is almost 8 inches (20 cm) wider and 2 inches (5 cm) taller than the widest and tallest purpose-built business jet flying today.

What most distinguishes the Falcon 10X is the sheer dimensions of its cabin. It will simply be the biggest and most comfortable on the market, offering far greater flexibility with a wide selection of interior configurations. Rather than four-cabin zones of equal length, you can smartly configure your cabin with different zone lengths to create completely customized interiors.

For example, you can create an expanded dining/conference area, a dedicated entertainment area with a large-screen monitor, a private stateroom with a fixed queen-size bed (and room to walk around it), or a master suite with a private stand-up shower. The baggage compartment is the largest in its class, with more than enough space for a transoceanic journey and conveniently accessible in flight.

The state-of-the-art systems found in the Falcon 10X trace their origin to Dassault’s legendary fighter aircraft. Falcon Digital Flight Control Technology is now more capable than ever for precise, smooth flight handling. On the new, pilot-friendly flight deck, industry-leading, automated protections exponentially increase safety and confidence. And the FalconEye Combined Vision System overcomes even the worst weather by vastly enhancing situational awareness.

The wide-ranging world of 10x – The 7,500 nm (13,900 km) Falcon 10X connects all major international business destinations nonstop. Fly New York to Shanghai, Hong Kong to New York, Los Angeles to Sydney, Paris to Santiago at Mach .85. Fly faster and connect Geneva to Singapore, Moscow to Los Angeles or New York to Dubai at Mach .90.

The healthy cabin features: Cabin pressurization will be the best in the industry with the lowest cabin altitude—a 3,000-foot pressure altitude in the cabin while flying at 41,000 feet. A next-generation filtration system that eliminates ozone and potential pollutants (volatile organic compounds) will provide 100 per cent pure air. Humidity can be maintained at a level that makes long hours aloft more comfortable and healthful. Temperature control will be provided in each of the cabin’s four zones with air entering at the top and the bottom of the cabin for an even temperature throughout.

The lowest sound levels: Dassault’s current flagship, the Falcon 8X has the lowest interior sound levels of any business jet, the equivalent of a typical suburban living room. The 10X, using Dassault’s advanced noise reduction technologies, will be at least this quiet despite the increased cruise speed.

For sure once again Dassault Group will leave us “breathless” with the Falcon 10X.  This is the next appointment for all of us in Love with Falcon Jet.

Article edit by Massimo Basile

Editorial Director @  

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