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Fendi Casa provides pieces for your entire home with a full collection, which range from classic, modern as well as contemporary. The Fendi interior design branch was established in the year 1989 and had been producing prestigious decoration objects and classy furniture that keep on evoking the culture of the company in homes in all parts of the globe. Furniture, which is known and admired for its seasoned and experienced artistry, it utilizes precious and valuable materials, interprets Fendi Casa collections of furniture encompassing of chairs, beds, sofas, accessories, pouffes, armchairs, etc.

Unique and Elegance

Sartorial looks, charm, excellence, unique, and elegance are the words that suit Fendi’s furniture. An all-encompassing lifestyle project wherein custom is never evocative, and innovation is paramount. Fendi Casa products have a strong uniqueness and distinctiveness that it practically requires no trademark. The interior desing maison has four exceptional standards, such as timelessness, elegance, eco-responsibility, and artisan excellence.

Philosophy of  Work

Fendi Casa believes in tradition, innovation, research, and quality craftsmanship. A collected work competently breaks up into diverse lines and outlook, brilliance as a common denominator, in full harmony with the company philosophy. Sofas, furniture units, chaise lounge, armchairs, day beds, beds, consoles, the factors of everyday life seen, shown, and experienced according to the style of Fendi’s furniture.

The superb ordinary finishes, as well as utmost care for every detail, corroborate the authentic value of the furniture. Fendi Casa is from Italy. Thus, furniture is well-interpreted in the admiration of the Selleria in the superior and quality craftsmanship, is replicated following unconventional principles. The decors and textile accessories, and every well-declined object, become more desirable as well as exceptional. An extensive array of lighting proposals made out of glass include Murano glass as well as other valuable materials made following the style of Fendi.

At this point, Fendi Casa suggests a graceful and pleasing to the eye, cosmopolitan lifestyle. In essence, codes of the Roman Maison serve as a driver for elite and limited trends for in and out the house, making glamorous, intense modernity. An artistic style made to decorate, embellish the most beautiful houses in the world, including private jets, yachts, faithful to its origin and firmly made in Italy.

Fendi Casa Vision

The company aims to be the best provider of stylish and chic furniture in Italy and all over the world made with high quality, functionality, and elegance in mind.

Fendi Casa Mission

The company produces furniture made with functionality and style in mind. They develop and manufacture furniture of superior and expensive materials to cater to designer homes worldwide.

Fendi, High Fashion Trend in Design

Fendi Casa always had a firm connection with the world of design and added towards defining future fashions by working with the best designers in the world. Stimulated and moved by the clothing trends, Fendi interior design presents the newest trends through reinterpreting high fashion materials in furniture details and designs. These include fur, handbag clasp, which inspires saddler stitches, drawer handles, as well as Swarovski crystals sewn onto cushions and carpet corners as well.

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Article edit by Karl Webber 

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