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Slimming with thought, which when you say it like that sounds like a beautiful publicity stunt or at most a utopia, is instead possible because very often the psyche plays an essential role in the fight against excess weight. The difference between what we are and what we would like to be is especially evident when we feed on negative thoughts, which result in wrong facts and actions, but also overweight and unhappiness.

To lose weight with thought we must start from the source, that is to say, the view; if we take care of our ideas it will be easy to lose weight without investing too much energy and too many sacrifices. The key is knowing how to accept that everything we do in our life is first elaborated in our mind. The more we think about something, the more it will gain strength within us. Most diets are based on attention to the body: that is to say, nutrition and exercise; of course, these are fundamental things, but they are not enough!

The quid is always the good mental disposition; without it, you can follow all the diets of the world that will inevitably fail. The phrases that often recur in people who are or want to diet is: “slimming is difficult” or “I am overweight”. Thinking in this way you are giving a mental order to our body, obtaining the opposite effect: the materialization of what we do not want precisely because we focus it. Negative thoughts cause stress, depression, and this sense of disappointment will lead the individual to seek satisfaction through primary consolation, that of eating.

There are reasons if you have accumulated extra fat on your body, weight reasons that you have to deal with, learn to accept with awareness and above all commit to responsible behaviour, replacing harmful thinking with more proactive thought. The etymology of the word “diet” is “way of life”. It means to lose weight with balance and maintain the results achieved. Healthy eating must become a habit that accompanies us every day, throughout life. To achieve lasting benefits, we must improve our lifestyle in a healthier and more correct one that becomes a rooted habit.

Remember, with the strength of our minds and feelings; we can foster all those changes we so desire. You won’t be the first and certainly not the last, many others have succeeded. Speak, read about people who have managed to lose weight and are no longer fat, pay attention to their way of thinking and their attitude. There are no failures, only results. It is from here that you have to start changing your way of thinking, educating your mind and your thoughts. Try to have an optimistic and hopeful attitude, to achieve greater awareness and love yourself and your body more. Caring for us is synonymous with respect and cause for satisfaction, get used to being comfortable in your body, making sure it is happy and healthy. So learn to help yourself, and not live in fear of failure. Worry is a massive waste of time, learn to be satisfied with what you have and what you are, show courage to yourself, set the goals you want to achieve.

A few tips to keep your mind in shape: First of all, exercise, as it stimulates neurotransmitters such as serotonin and noradrenaline, the substances associated with well-being. Maintain a good social life and above all, meditate. In this regard, relaxation techniques are instrumental in helping physical and mental well-being. Focusing your attention on breathing is also one of the best concentration and meditation techniques. The moment you focus all your attention on the rhythmic movement of the breath, you will realize that it will be possible to empty your mind from the continuous succession of thoughts. One of the best techniques of meditation and concentration is undoubtedly the “Diaphragmatic Technique”, which has its origin in the ancient discipline of Chinese medicine. Leaning one hand on the abdomen and the other on the chest, start breathing slowly and with deep breaths, making the abdomen swell and expand, like a balloon, exhale and inhale deeply for at least 3-4 minutes. This method of breathing can be practised in all those moments when you feel you need it; it only takes a few to calm down and relax and thus get a more precise and more objective view of the situation you are experiencing. Moreover, in the morning before getting out of bed or at night before closing your eyes, this breathing will help you sleep better and start the new day well.

This mental relaxation will automatically remove worries and anxiety; dealing with problems more calmly means being less prone to stress.  Your choice to read this article of mine was also born of thought. Change your mental patterns, learn to ask the right questions, and you will see that your mind will work hard to find the best way to lose those extra pounds. The problem is that if this question is not specific, your brain will try to lose weight through extreme and health-damaging methods such as prolonged fasting, carbohydrate-free diets, and too much exercise without supervision.

A valid question could be: “How can I lose weight in the easiest, fastest and healthiest way possible? ” This will be the first question to focus on. Don’t forget these words of mine, only by radically changing your way of thinking will you be able to aspire to a real definitive weight loss. By resetting the unconscious and internalizing the secrets of this new way of living things, your daily life will be much more relaxed and aware and in the name of well-being. At the basis of success remember a bit of physical activity and a lot of good moods!

by Ilaria Chionetti Pininfarina

Journalist, Nutrition Consultant and Eating Behaviour

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