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Fashion cannot be separated from the identity of its creator. I find myself in a confrontation with a great designer and artist who made a boy’s dream a concrete reality, reinterpreting the concept of fashion as art.

With his famous head-dresses, Giuseppe Fata has made his creations similar to sculptures in order to go back to the origins that have always attracted him with Christian references perhaps due to the presence in his family of men of the church. Since childhood, he has felt the fashion in his expression of his own existence. He breathes Italian fashion with the greatest designers: Valentino, Fendi, Armani, Versace, Cavalli, Biagiotti and Balestra.

But he sees a different conception from classic clothing, looking for his own space in this reality where he can become the creator of his own path. The fascination of the transformation from a simple fabric to a work of art is the confirmation of a surprising fantasy that expands with the unconventional boundaries of fashion.

His work is mainly emotion and interest, sought and wanted in the association with a historical period very dear to him, the Renaissance, in which he sought an answer to his vision and reflection as a designer of his own thought of an aesthetic focused on an object that will become an emblem so that it will become known throughout the world.

True art is a singular dynamism in which the element that you imagine becomes a reality realizing ingenious interpretations of a dimension that is nothing but the transformation of fabric, that becomes a work with an image, that represents a concept of the cultural heritage of our land. We are talking about the greats of history, from Caravaggio to Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raffaello, all artists who inspired his creations.

His design is recognizable in an art form unique in the world that has celebrated him with his “head-sculptures” that have led him to collaborations with the greatest in fashion, bringing Made in Italy to an international level. An artist with great success who was awarded an international prize: “La Rosa d’oro” in Paris in 2002. His interpretations have enriched catwalks all over the world.

In his work in which he exalts beauty and elegance, he enhances fashion and art in every aspect. This makes him strong and characterizes him in a singular taste, with his conception of haute couture he perceives and creates details born from a thought often linked to a trip to a cathedral or a museum, where inspiration becomes creation.

From his hands are born works conceived with an aesthetic need that is not typical of all stylists, but in his way represents wear that goes beyond the dress. Sartorial anatomy has given by a conception and a setting that becomes an exhibition of skill and ability. Production of an effect that illuminates the image and thought of an artist. His design spreads everywhere, known and loved in the fashion world; his style is an infusion of wisdom and feeling that becomes an object destined to fashion, but that will remain in the history of costume as a change of a classicism that becomes an experiment in the look.

Considered as “The genius of art on the head” by the press and the prestigious Haute Couture in Paris where he received the award at the Cite Internationale Universitaire de Paris “Boulevard Jourdan” for his art and creativity. Appointed worldwide as a master of style for his conception of the way of creating and making fashion, he adopts a variable art form, transient, full of possibilities, with a conceptual vision of his work, similar to artists studying details with the breadth of vision. A style in symbiosis with his personality that reflects the culture of changes in his life as a declaration of a love for fashion design to power a revolution that makes each of his pieces an unequivocal style as an infusion of a thought.

Ideas are born in seeing works by great masters, listening to the music of the soundtrack of the film “The Da Vinci Code” that resonates in his approach with the emotion that a work transmits to him, in him creation is born to consolidate an emotion that becomes an identity in the charm of a headgear.

His work demands complex techniques made of precision and sartorial technique. Working the fabrics to achieve the desired effect – a work of sculpture – an object that will become the reality of a collection idealized in its perfection of a fabric that becomes a structure in the exclusivity in its role as a headgear. Having found its own way is a heritage that can be bequeathed, and Giuseppe Fata will leave a vision of fashion that encapsulates a brilliant mind in a complex technique with emotional participation that will always make it unique.

Edit by Antonella Malizia

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