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In today’s hectic, chaotic and stressful society, which forces people to work at a fast pace, people are increasingly looking for their well-being. A word that is increasingly present in our daily lives but that we often underestimate its important meaning… Well-being a harmonious state of health, of physical and spiritual strength”.

Donna Page has treasured all this and much more, focusing on healthy lifestyle habits in order to achieve physical and physiological balance.

Donna Page has a rich and interesting background: a degree in business economics and an extensive course of studies at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. A true Wellbeing Coach, she is the creator of DPone Healthy, a method based on healthy eating, lots of exercises and above all positive thinking, which are the keys to true wellbeing. This is all thanks to nutritional advice provided by Donna Page who, with a targeted “Taylor-made” path, guides people towards healthy lifestyle habits in order to achieve the desired balance. Each person is an individual, so for each one, we create the best wellness programme to achieve their goals, in harmony with their body chemistry.

Women’s health is much more than what body image shows. It is not only physical but also mental. A concept that has been around for thousands of years but which we often treat too superficially today: “Mens sana in corpore sano”, a timeless phrase from the great Giovenale, who included it in his masterpiece Satire” in the first century AD and which perfectly encapsulates this thought-concept. For perfect physical and mental wellbeing, both must be taken care of to achieve optimal long-term results.

Donna Page is the one who can be instrumental and supportive in all this. Donna Page’s coaching has the ability to help women rediscover the ‘healthy balance’ of balancing work and family life, resulting in a better lifestyle, more well-being and less stress. The benefits are remarkable and evident in a short time on the skin, on the mood… we could call it complete well-being.

Technology at the service of all of us also finds its proverbial use in Donna Page’s path. This is how the Dpone healthy online studio platform is the new service where customers will find weekly advice on how to tone and sculpt their bodies. Obviously, this is complemented by the option of personalised Health Coach consultations which are a real added value to the path.

Today Donna Page, based in the Principality of Monaco, is increasingly established as an effective and innovative reality. The usual question for this new philosophy of life is: Are you ready for the change? Well… new personalised choices for your body and mind “Made in Donna Page” are waiting for you.


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Article by Krissy Pesciglione-Cuni Grey

Editor & Founder Monaco Woman

Publisher Manager celebreMagazine World

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