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From July 16th in the digital stores “PERMALOSO” the new single by Giancarlo ft. Guè Pequeno ft. Toni Veltri. A song that finds the right combination of Guè’s cutting rhymes and Toni’s elegant accent, emphasizing three different moods, which end up synergistically converging in one direction. “PERMALOSO” is structurally intertwined in four piano lines, with guitars also played by Giancarlo and a drums line trap, softened by acoustic melodies.

The text is apparently divided into three parts, written in reality by three souls who vibrate in unison and, as Giancarlo recalls, “underlines the need to live with others while preserving one’s uniqueness, one’s strengths and even defects, even a Touchy character. From this perspective, it becomes essential to distance ourselves from those who prevent the full expression of ourselves. The song is accompanied by a video clip made by Alberto Alessi. This extraordinary single has been created by three acclaimed great Italian artists. To understand more how they realize this beautiful song, we will let you know more about them.

Gué Pequeno… One of the most influential and respected rappers in Italy, since the beginning of his career, now twenty years old he has become a point of reference for the Italian hip hop scene, and subsequently for the entire musical landscape. After having published in 2000 the first cult EP 3 MC’s in the cube with the Sacre Scuole (trio formed by him, Jake La Furia and Dargen D’Amico), with Jake La Furia and the producer Don Joe he gives life to Club Dogo, a group with which from 2003 to 2014 he released seven studio albums, gaining the attention of the public and critics and paving the way for the success of Italian rap also in the charts and the general media. In 2011 he released his first solo project, The Golden Boy, which is a pre-streaming and pre-instore era where record sales are still very low reaches gold status.

With his long-time friend Marracash, he publishes the long-awaited collaborative project Santeria, written and recorded between Milan, Tenerife (Canary Islands) and Trançoso (Brazil) and very influenced by the atmospheres absorbed in these places: it will go double platinum and will collect an endless sequence of certifications for individuals. His fourth solo album, Gentleman, with an international and contemporary feel, dates back to 2017; double platinum-certified, it was one of the rap records of the year, with four weeks at the top of the charts. In 2017 Gué was the most listened to Italian artist on Spotify. In April 2019 he is one of the judges of The Voice of Italy, broadcast on Rai2. In June 2019 he published the EP Gelida estate concept, inspired by the sounds and atmospheres that dominate the hot season. Alongside his musical activity, Gué is also a successful entrepreneur: he founded the label Tanta Roba together with DJ Harsh (who launched the likes of Salmo, Ensi, Ghali, Gemitaiz, Madman, Priestess and Fedez) and the fashion brand Z € N.

Giancarlo Prandelli… Italian singer, composer, author, artist, multi-instrumentalist, arranger, audio engineer, programmer and producer. Over the years he has made countless productions for artists, including Laura Pausini, Mina, Omar Pedrini, Fausto Leali, Laura Abela, Michela Coppa.

From an early age, he frequented his father’s environment, coming into contact with characters of the calibre of Mina, Adriano Celentano, Mike Bongiorno, Neil Sedaka, Bruno Lauzi, Fausto Leali, Tony Renis and his father’s musicians, who have now become recognized professionals, such as bassist Franco Testa, known as “the Beat”, or drummer Alfredo Golino. He wrote a song with the presenter of Chiambretti Night, Karina Michelin, entitled “Let me be wrong”. In 2009 he met the Ukrainian artist Julia Voice and began the preparation of the album entitled “Close my eyes”, which sees him as the author and arranger of the songs. The album is a huge success abroad and the video for the single “Close my eyes” contains a featuring by Giancarlo. In 2016 he comes out with “Reina del sol” ft. Dave Requiem and Sandyman then the first acoustic album (MOI MEME) solo piano. He collaborates with the artist BLANCO arranging for him and working in the studio. 2020 participates in the Sanremo music Awards at the Hilton in Venice playing with the American artist Penelope Moore. He writes the soundscore for Jerry Calà’s film (Odyssey in the hospice) on Netflix. During the lockdown, he sings a song (Gente di mare) with Red Canzian (Pooh) Matia Bazar etc … for charity.

Toni Veltri… the son of Italian parents who emigrated abroad for work reasons, was born and lives in Belgium; here he cultivates a passion for music. He is an electrician, a warehouseman, a sound and lighting technician, he gets to deliver the pizzas, all in order to put aside what is necessary to continue his artistic career; he manages to buy a guitar and a piano, instruments that he has studied with commitment and passion since he was a child.

At the age of 20, he forms several bands doing the ranks in live shows, at 27 he produces his songs and begins to create events and collaborations with prestigious artists playing with Gianluca Grignani, and collaborating with Michele Zarrillo, Umberto Tozzi, Toto Cutugno, Antonello Venditti. He comes out with two self-produced songs, enjoying some success, but not enough to be independent so he starts the collaboration with the historic label and the Brescia musical editions MUSICAVIVA, GNERECORDS Label and with Maestro Giancarlo Prandelli with whom he publishes two singles “Verona” and ” Where is the freedom ”, a piece of protest against the conditions of limitation due to the pandemic, which obtained excellent feedback from critics and the public. With his friend and producer Giancarlo Prandelli, he publishes “Permaloso” in July 2021, which boasts the participation of Guè Pequeno.

Article edit by Massimo Basile

Editorial Director @ celebreMagazine – Monaco Woman

Rinascimento Magazine – Il Masaniello Magazine

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