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Inspiring is not the right adjective to describe Cornelia Hagmann. She is a real force of nature; she is an inspirational muse, a woman who has fought against the odds to pursue her dreams. Powerful energy which will conquer anyone with her humble yet dynamic inner core happiness.

Her green eyes will grasp one’soul and describe, during an autumnal warm afternoon, her life, her values, her dreams and her aspirations. Born and raised in Austria, her youth filters reminiscences of the “Sound of Music” movie: Nature and Family. Values which she would never forget and have become her life motto. Following the artistic influence of her family Wagner and studying with the talented Austrian painter Luise Jehly, Cornelia had to postpone her romantic stereotypically art career in order to pursue a more economically “proper” career.

Cornelia’s colour passion was channelled in becoming a stylist, a make-up artist which followed in a theatrical, fashion and even film production industry. Her Socratic need to know and to persevere in finding her real truth reached in becoming a cooperating team leader for the Wella research Group. Far from accepting a life without memories, she continued into finding the courage to listen to her secret and never-ending love story: painting. A warm sun ray illuminates at once one of her paintings beautifully arranged around her “garden” house. A chromatic energetic dance overflows the room. It seems one can feel the slow yet rushed, the delicate yet powerful, the flamboyant yet simple chromatic stroke combination.

Her paintings mirror her love and respect for Nature, the only muse in her dazzling vivid use of colours. Brunches, leaves, flowers, trees become her positive obsession in trying not to copy nature but to “interpret nature and submit it to the spirit of the picture…” (Matisse). Nature is the unmissable link to our past; therefore, the unmissable bridge to our future. Her beloved water lily pond paintings echo the unbearable timeless and lightness of our existence; one can create life from nothing and can persevere any dreams if pushed by the strive for life.

A touching spirituality is reflected in everything she does “Art is a language that wants to be understood… It can sometimes be provocative and at the other times, conform. It is a barometer, a mirror showing us how we feel, what we wish for, but also what we don’t want to see… it almost always encapsulates the spirit of the age…” (Cornelia Hagmann). Her life is “my” muse, a life filled with love, passion and a dream. We should never surrender to life hindrances but to keep fighting; only in believing in oneself and respecting nature, one can fulfil any dream.

Since 2004, Cornelia has not stopped painting, and her works of art including bronze and stone sculptures and beautiful scarves have been displayed in all Switzerland and appreciated by International Art collectors. Her studio, La Galleria, is located in the beautiful “Villa dei Fiori”, in Cademario, Ticino, surrounded indeed by Nature! Cornelia is now working on a very exciting art project and cannot wait to see her next exhibition.

Website: lagalleria.chcorneliahagmann.com

Instagram: lagalleria.ch

Article edit by Carolina Conforti – Art Historian & Art Advisor

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