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Urban life has always been built around social interactions – from sharing common spaces with neighbors to sharing desks in an office. The recent pandemic has forced a rethink of the way people move through their daily activities. In the constantly evolving, and multicultural city of Dubai, Pininfarina Architecture has conceived a new contemporary living experience, called Cloud Hub, on behalf of the local real estate developer M/s L.K. Investments Limited.

At the hearth of the vibrant Jumeirah Village Circle district, Pininfarina Architecture designed an iconic, multi-purposed building that will integrate both co-living and co-working spaces open both to expat and to local communities. Cloud Hub is the perfect blend of community, convenience, comfort and competitively-priced, where both expats and locals can enjoy the vibes coming from the interaction of traditional and in­ternational cultures. Looking at the Expo theme, Connecting Minds, Creating the Future, the project aims at fostering interaction among young generations, creating a community hub fueled by ideals of openness, community and collaboration.

Many realized, during the global lockdown, how important are the interactions in our daily life. Indeed the overall Cloud Hub experience is created by a system of common areas to socialize and share the services. The heart of the project is the Cloud Lounge on the ground floor; a mixed use space where people can work, but also where people can spend their spare time relaxing, reading a book or having a chat with their neighbors in a dynamic and creative environment. Free access even for non-residents will help to transform it in a trendy spot in the JVC district. Within Cloud Hub, well-being of each and every user is at its core, taking into account carbon emissions and iar quality, lighting and comfort. A 5 star gym is available for tenants to take control of their phisical and mental health; a complete set of gym equipments and a generous space for yoga lessons will stimulate people to take care of their body and their mind. A rooftop swimming pool is another valuable amenity that helps  reduce stress and anxiety, improving the quality of residents’ life.

The L-shape building hosts 60 apartments; 4 unit types fits the different users needs. All the units, apart from featuring all the comforts available , allow the tenants to enjoy the natural light thanks to large glazed façades that visually merge the internal space with the external balconies. The articulation of the façade is characterized by a pattern of alternating GFRC panels (reinforced concrete with glass fiber), manufactured using digital molding processes and glass  panels.

“Imagining new ways of living is our mission and dream” affirmed Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of the Group. “Dubai, with its melting pot of cultures it’s the ideal place to experiment innovation. Cloud Hub represents our idea to make space and time fluid enhancing the human interaction”.

“Coliving spaces are designed to bring people together” affirmed Samuele Sordi, Chief Architect. “For Pininfarina Architecture the Cloud Hub project is part of the research the team is carrying out regarding accessible housing and quality of life that has never been more crucial than today”.

Pininfarina Architecture – founded in 1930, is an internationally recognized design firm. With offices in Italy, Germany, China and the United States, it is a unique global emblem of Italian design. Pininfarina is not only the world leader in automotive design. It has also carried out more than 600 projects in diverse areas over nine decades, and has received multiple international architecture awards. The most recent awards include: The International Architecture Award for the construction of the Control Tower at the new Istanbul airport in 2016 and the iF Design Award in recognition of the construction of the Cyrela skyscraper in Sao Paulo. Pininfarina also received the American Architecture (2015) and the German Design Awards (2017).

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Article edit by @ Krissy Pesciglione-Cuni Grey

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