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Following the entry into Botter, Clessidra Private Equity’s journey to create the Italian leader in the sector continues. Following the recent Botter transaction, Clessidra Private Equity Sgr, on behalf of the fund Clessidra Capital Partners 3, has signed an agreement to acquire a majority stake in Mondodelvino. Mondodelvino is an important Italian wine group considered one of the best in the sector, led by the Martini family, who founded the company together with Roger Gabb and Christoph Mack in 1991.

As was the case with the Botter family, a historic name in Veneto wine, which re-invested in the group and continues to hold managerial positions, the Martini family will also remain in the shareholding structure and will continue to have important operational roles, together with the rest of the company’s top management, thus ensuring the continuity of the company’s management.

Characterized by steady growth over three decades, Mondodelvino is now firmly positioned among the top twenty Italian wineries and the top ten private ones. MGM Srl is the other group’s leading company, and its important estates Cuvage, Ricossa, Poderi dal Nespoli and Barone Montalto. A development path that has not been interrupted even last year, which closed with revenues up by more than 6%, amounting to approximately 120 million euros, 90% of which were generated abroad, mainly in the UK, Germany, the Nordic countries, Canada and Russia.

What prompted Clessidra to invest in Mondodelvino? Andrea Ottaviano, Managing Director of Private Equity, explains it well: “After the Botter transaction, we continued to search for company profiles suitable for our project to create an Italian leader in the sector. Mondodelvino, in terms of its competitive positioning, international orientation, and range of denominations and brands, has characteristics that are compatible with our strategic objective of consolidation. The decision to focus on Mondodelvino was supported by the fact that the Martini family and the rest of the top management fully shared our project”.

A major consolidation is expected, not least because the two acquired companies are highly complementary in terms of both wine names and geographical markets served.  

In the new “family”, as Francesco Colli, Managing Director of Clessidra, explains, “the new group will be led by Massimo Romani, Botter’s current CEO, who will also hold the position of CEO of Mondodelvino”.   The Martini family, for its part, is aware of the importance of being able to count on a partner such as Clessidra to accelerate the growth and development path while maintaining the founders’ values.

After all, the solidity of the Clessidra company is undisputed. Founded in 2003, Clessidra Private Equity SGR SpA is controlled by Clessidra Holding SpA, which is 100% owned by Italmobiliare SpA, the Italian investment holding company controlled by the Pesenti family. Since its foundation, 24 investments have been completed for a total amount of over EUR 2 billion and an aggregate Enterprise Value of over EUR 18 billion. During the same period, I completed 27 add-on transactions for portfolio companies. The company completed investments in its third private equity fund and is finalizing its fourth fund.

Article by Nadia Toppino

Food, Wine & Hospitality Consultant

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