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Casa Duecento is a welcoming and modern residence, characterized by a special style that welcomes its guests by lulling them and protecting them, in a well-kept and scenic internal environment, designed in harmony with the lake it overlooks. Actually, the villa finds its natural location on the left bank of Lake Maggiore. This area, thanks to its wooded hills and its proximity to a body of water of spectacular nature, offers an excellent balance, chances to regenerate and live everyday life in dialogue with the environment. Large size windows allow nature to show its magnificence and its cyclical transformation every day of the year.

The main gate welcomes guests and vehicles directing them to a spacious outdoor square, accompanied by a large and well-kept adjacent garage, partly covered by grass soil and well-kept vegetation, thus resulting quite discrete and disguised in the overall context.

Beyond the house, in the central area, we find a courtyard housing a large swimming pool which, thanks to the rich vegetation composed of tall plants, bushes and flowers, surrounds Casa Duecento providing a sense of tranquillity, and absolute privacy. The conformation of the land on the one side, and the need for perfect integration of the house on the other, drove a design of the external side characterized by terraces, forming a path between the greenery of the well-kept plantings and the flooring, whilst offering a natural connection between the ground floor and the first floor of the Villa.

The interior of Casa Duecento is arranged on two levels, designed as well-segregated living and sleeping areas. Downstairs we find the living room, a dining room and kitchen, close to the external patio and directly overlooking the courtyard and the swimming pool. The children’s rooms, with their private en-suite bathrooms, are located on the rear side, for better privacy.

Through a vertical connection positioned at the meeting point of the two wings, we can reach the upper floor, entirely qualified as a master living area. The spaces are very generous, designed with materials and colour, creating a warm environment, and offer pure relaxation and regeneration through fascinating indoor and outdoor specialised areas. Besides having the possibility to enjoy a magnificent view of the lake, one can directly access the garden and the pool, through the external path.

The villa was developed under the principle of capturing maximum external light, easing its way inside through skylights and strategically placed windows, providing natural light even in the winter months. In the centre of the atrium sits a majestic staircase, illuminated by natural light through a large skylight placed on the roof. This impressive feature represents the core of the house. Accurate planning provides for the future installation of an elevator, positioned in a discreet location not disturbing the view of the scenic landscape and the proportions of the stairway.

“Beton” in plain sight, with anthracite shades, is the material chosen to coat the entire villa. These nuances enhance the rigours of the shapes in the full volume of the house, generating a sense of mass. In contrast, in the open spaces, openings show views from different positions, giving a sense of landscape framing similar to spectacular paintings.

Casa Duecento blends perfectly into the natural conformation of the land on which it lies, favouring a sense of harmony throughout the neighbourhood. An excellent relationship between the indoor and outdoor areas, characterized by the choice of stone flooring, offers a harmonious sense of continuity.

An ideal place to live serenely.

For Info or Enquires: consulting@globalconciergeservices.org

Article edit by Simona Sommariva

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