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The Eyes? The door of the soul. Fringes and tufts to exalt the gaze.

Carmelo Spina really represents a unique and precious soul: on the phone, he has perceived my inner sensibility as the great Masters can do, but only when we have met I have realized that he has the special gift to forge every soul in order to let beauty “speak”. And he succeeds in doing it because he feels the rhythm of the universe. The beating of his heart perceives the Renaissance that characterizes this historical moment.

The fly of delicate and graceful butterfly wings that hovers in the air creates invisible arabesques and inspires famous couturiers. The same creatives let themselves be intrigued by the energetic pride of felines, of the tiger in particular. These images well express the strength that each of us might bring to the world: I have found them in the latest defilé well as in the works of contemporary art. The delicate moment we are experiencing inspire some artists, that is why they often represent either the “Golden Chrysalis”, or man and women aiming at rebirthing, at flying … sometimes with only one wing…

How does Carmelo Spina advise us to face this delicate historical moment?

” I collaborate for a magazine called ‘Renaissance’, and it is not by chance – says Carmelo Spina – In this period it is necessary to focus on spiritual orientation, like the phoenix we are rebirthing from the ashes. In this historical moment, we are rediscovering some fundamental values. We must try to be optimistic: what we have lived has served and serves to change the human conscience. We have to stay centred, belief in life, to have faith. A great test like this always serves to grow, to change, to understand ”. My father was a hairstylist that is why I understand the concept he wants to express. I know that the world of beauty is really great but implies a spirit of self-denial, commitment, sacrifice. It Is really important to listen to the other.

How do you conceive this rebirth in the world of education?

“In this context, now we have to focus less on the business and more on the inner dimension of the concept of beauty. Beauty is one soul. The respect for others starts from the fact that we are all connected: we must have healthy thoughts for other people. – Carmelo Spina specifies – The beauty industry sometimes proposes false idols, standardized canons that we must forget. The stereotypes imposed by our society have also caused psychological distress. We can stop and help each individual to realize himself according to his own inclinations and talents “. Each person has a unique perception of the universe, of its rhythms of nature. Each individual has “a particular nuance”. This historical moment, also thanks to the lower pollution, has created a greater chromatic vibration of everything that surrounds us.

In your opinion Carmelo, what are the dictates for the look of this period? In the International fashion weeks, we have seen in Digital a style with less defined, softer lines. At the same time, evident contamination gave by this luxuriant nature with bright nuances. What is your advice?

“I share. The lines are sinuous, not aggressive. The stylists have opted for a mix of contrasting colours, those opposites that enhance and stand out. The masks allow our eyes to communicate more deeply. – continues Spina – To enhance the depth of this dialogue between hidden faces, absolutely innovative for our Western concept, hairstyles with fringes and tufts are indicated. The eye is the door of the soul. The really glam cut is the Mullet, with its particular lines that caress and frame the face “.

All this brings us back to the trends dictated once by the French, by Jean Louis David, for example. France has always been the cradle of creative innovation. In these days Spina attended an initiative on Lake Maggiore in Luino organized by the Rotary Club Laveno Luino Alto Verbano chaired by Giusy Giordano and the “Amici delle Sempiterne” Association chaired by Simona Fontana with the patronage of the City of Luino. The meeting was organized in the charming landscape of Relais Villa Porta in Colmegna by Emanuela Lanni, a talented beauty professional and moderated by the Past President of Rotary Club Francesco Surace. The Vice President of the Club Linda Franzetti was present.

“I travel a lot, I bring the philosophy of beauty to young people and colleagues around the world with an open soul, ready to receive and give. In this movement, I teach from one place to another “. And Carmelo Spina does all this also as the Art director of a magazine that is distributed all over the world. “For young people, I recommend elegance, rebirth, silence from the confusion of the social bombing. Beauty is not just aesthetic. I suggest images that are inspired: let everyone spring for his own beauty!

I help all young people to understand that doing this job is not so easy, concludes Spina, whoever decides to take this path must be conscious and must master not only technique and style but the total essence of one human being. In this way, everyone will really be able to help people to realize himself ”.

Article edit by Simona Fontana

Photo by Emanuele Sosio Galante

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